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Our Top 5 Support Queries and How to Solve Them

Our Top 5 Support Queries and How to Solve Them

If there is anything you learn by being a support agent, it’s that customers want help as soon as they need it. Which I would expect from any service I sign up or pay for myself! So in order to help make the process quicker and easier for our customers we felt we could add another layer by posting our top support queries in this series of blogs.

But if the blogs don’t do it for you, we also have our support website and you can always still contact us directly. Our round the world team are ready to help you during local work hours and make sure your questions are solved almost as quickly as they are found!

So here’s our top 5 support queries and some tips on how to solve them:

1. I Have Not Received My GlobalSign Certificate

If your certificate was ordered through a reseller then you will need to contact them directly. However, if you have ordered your certificate directly through GlobalSign, your certificate is likely still in vetting.

We have a strict vetting process which ensures you are who you really say you are and you don’t plan on using your certificate for malicious purposes. Length of vetting varies between type of certificate and a number of other factors but you can usually expect anywhere between 5 minutes and 5 days.

If you think you have waited too long, you can contact the vetting team in your region. You will need your order number and domain name as well reasons why you are requesting that your order is expedited.

2. I am Unable to Find My Certificate in My GCC Account

The most common reason for not being able to find your certificate in your GCC account is not having the right tab highlighted at the top of your account.

GCC tabs

Once you’re on the right tab, click on ‘search order history’, ‘search’ to locate your certificate (without entering any details, all orders will appear in chronological order) and ‘edit’ next to the order number in question to see the certificate details/actions.

Make sure you are logged in as the administrator or the user that the order was placed through as certificate actions will vary depending on the type of user permissions you have.

3. I am Unable to Access My GlobalSign Account

Trouble accessing your account? Take these steps to regain access.

  • Your account may no longer be valid. Call us to make sure it is.
  • If your account is still valid, make sure you are using the correct username which is in a PAR12345_username format. Note: that if you receive the error message below, after attempting to sign in, you are probably not entering your username correctly or adding a space at the end where there shouldn’t be one. Double check this, if this still doesn’t work, then try the password reset.

invalid authentication information

  • Reset your password using the forgotten link on the login page. You need to have access to the email registered on the account for this to work.
  • Some customers forget to enter their own temporary password when asked. If you think this is you, follow the steps in this support article below to resolve this.
  • If you have forgotten your username, then we advise you to contact support immediately. They will be able to provide the username after performing a verification call to the administrator of the account. If the admin no longer works for the company then we would ask for your organization's headed letter to be sent to the vetting team stating that the current account administrator has left and who is likely to replace them. The letter should be signed by a manager within the organisation, scanned and sent to the GlobalSign vetting team.

If you want more detailed instructions, visit our support article on ‘How to Reset Forgotten Password’.

Note: We strongly recommend against using the same password as your temporary password for security reasons.

4. I Have Not Received My Approval Email

A common reason for customers not receiving our approval email could be that your mail servers are blocking our IP addresses. If you are able to configure your serve so that it recognizes our IP’s, then you can request for us to resend the approval email. To receive a list of IP’s from GlobalSign, please contact our support team.

It is also possible that the approval email has gone into your spam folder, so will be worth taking a look there too.
Another useful thing to bear in mind is that you can actually re-send the approval email from within your GCC account simply by pressing 'edit' on the order in question and then "resend approval mail".

Resend approval email

Note: Approval emails are not necessary for Organization and Extended SSL orders – these orders are vetted based on the company details.

5. I Have the Following Error Message: “Sorry the Approval Challenge has not Been Successful. Please Contact Support for Assistance.”

This error message occurs when the order has already been approved. The link is only valid for one use therefore this error will appear if you click the link for a second time.

In this scenario it is almost always likely that the certificate has already been approved and issued. If it has, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Check your inbox (and SPAM also) for an email from GlobalSign containing the certificate.
  2. Download your certificate within your GCC account if it is an AutoCSR order.
  3. Contact your point of purchase requesting to have your certificate sent to you.
  4. If you have a client (non-SSL) certificate, you may need to contact vetting.

Being our top 5 support problems, the answers can often be quite basic, but we hope in the next few months we can bring you more and more of our top queries so that you can find solutions to your problems quickly and easily. 

In the meantime, if you are having a problem you cannot solve, please visit the GlobalSign support website and search for an answer to your query, submit a support ticket or contact us directly.

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