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Everything You Need to Know About GMO Sign, our Cloud-based Signing Solution

Everything You Need to Know About GMO Sign, our Cloud-based Signing Solution

Processing paper documents may require significant physical space, time, resources, and cost. However, you can integrate cost-effective solutions for your document management and get greater control and remote access anytime, anywhere.

GlobalSign provides a solution that allows you capture, store, and manage all your electronic documents in one place and can easily help you save a lot of time, resources, and money. GMO Sign is a cloud-based document signing workflow solution that facilitates document signing, management, approval workflows, and storage. Users at any organization can use both electronic and digital signatures through our Digital Signing Service (DSS) to sign documents via a user-friendly platform. One of the remote signing services, DSS, allows GMO Sign to apply a high volume of signatures to your unique document workflow with no integration needed.



GMO Sign not only promotes a clean and paperless environment but also provides you with a secured PKI-based platform to make it simple for end-users to digitally sign, file, and store the necessary paperwork in minutes. The functionality becomes more manageable with less paper usage and contributes to high-level security, timely auditing, and more. By adopting GMO Sign, employees, partners, and customers of any organization can easily apply electronic and digital signatures on documents.

GMO Sign document signing platform offers a way to exchange internally and externally, as well as bind documents electronically among multiple parties. It provides both electronic and Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) digital signatures in one interface, as well as customizable signing workflows depending on internal or external use cases. GMO Sign enables users to add details related to documents, such as renewal dates and notice periods, leading to improved record management. The signing workflows solution also allows compliance in various countries and industries with new regulations favoring PKI-backed signatures, such as Europe’s eIDAS regulation for basic and advanced signatures.




  • All-in-one Platform: GMO Sign is an all-in-one platform to meet the requirements of drafting, sending, signing, and managing the documents and contracts, reducing cost & time, and making the entire process more efficient.

  • Workflow Automation: Our solution helps reduce the document signing lifecycle process significantly as the automated workflow-based signing streamlines the process and makes it more efficient.
  • Customized Templates & Audit trail: GMO Sign offers reusable, customizable, unlimited Templates and uses audit trails to track the steps of the signature process and show who signed a document and when they signed it.
  • Administrative Controls: Operations like user management, enabling or disabling CFR21 compliance, applying password expiration, activating 2FA, etc., are under administrative controls.
  • Trouble-free Signing: GMO Sign platform offers the flexibility to sign remotely and from any device (tablets, iPhone, smartphones, etc.) with one easy click, making the whole process user friendly, easy & smooth.
  • Document Security: With our solution, you can experience end-to-end transfer of information, eliminating the changes or data leakage by applying a security code to documents before sending them to an external party.
  • Request Insights: GMO Sign dashboard shows the signature request’s status, and administrators can track the operational logs performed by users linked with their accounts.
  • Data Security: On our platform, customers’ info, business files, & other items are encrypted using AES 128. The encrypted data gets saved in AWS EFS, resulting in high-level security for end users.


GMO Sign is for every industry, function, and organization that deals with documents and contracts. With its long-term, trusted digital signatures with a time stamp option, it proves signer identity and protects content integrity and non-repudiation. GMO Sign solution is suitable for those who want to:

  • Save Time and Money: GMO Sign streamlines the document signing process with customizable and unlimited workflows. It reduces the time and effort required to sign documents and contracts by almost 80%.
  • Use Legal Signatures and Cloud Documents: With legally admissible e-signatures and digital signatures, GMO Sign supports an easy transition from paper to digital documents. Documents are stored digitally, making them more accessible to archive and retrieve.
  • Eco-Friendly: GMO Sign eliminates the need to use paper. It lets you go entirely paperless for all of your signing needs. Reduce paper usage and wastage and do your part to reduce carbon footprint in the world.


As a globally recognized Certificate Authority (CA) and Trust Service Provider (TSP) with over two-and-a-half decades of experience, GlobalSign is uniquely equipped to provide document signing solutions that meet a variety of legislative guidelines and strict compliance measures.

With our cloud-based solution, GMO Sign, you can effortlessly reduce operational costs and increase employee and customer satisfaction. Our product helps to reduce friction in functionality as operations become more manageable with less document usage. This in turn helps providing high-level security, timely auditing, and more. Contact us today to know more about our solutions.

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