Data Request Form

Data Subject Request Form

Use this form to request data from GlobalSign, make changes to your data or how your data is processed, transfer your data to a third-party or request to be forgotten.

Note: If you would like to opt out of GlobalSign communication, you can do so at this link. To opt out of renewal notices, please update the setting in your GlobalSign Account.

Section 1 - Details of the data subject (who owns the data you are making this request for). This could be you or another person.

Section 2 - Details of the request. Fill in as much detail as you can. Extra sections exist for data transfer requests to help us determine where it will go and with what time limits we have to prepare the data for transfer. Types of request include:

  • Deletion if you would like us to remove data from our systems.
  • Disclosure - if you would like to know what data is held with us.
  • Correction - if you'd like us to update data that is inaccurate.
  • Addition if you would like us to add data to our systems.
  • Suspension of Use- if you'd like GlobalSign or third-party services used by GlobalSign, to cease processing of your data.
  • Transfer - if you'd like us to transfer your data to another company/service.

Section 3 - Details of Requested Data. Tell us what data you are making this request for.

Section 4 - Details of the representative. If you're not the data subject, we're required to get as much information about you and why you are requesting this data. If we do not feel there is a just reason behind this, we might reject the request. This section will be hidden if you tell us that you are the data subject.

Subject Access Request: Documents that you submit as part of this Subject Access Request (SAR) will be used for the purpose of verifying your identity and your authority to submit the request.  This documentation will be stored by GlobalSign for a period of ninety (90) days after we complete your request.  You will be notified in writing when that completion occurs, together with the particular details of your SAR.