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Scalable Email Security to counter phishing and data loss

  • Point-to-point message encryption
  • S/MIME is natively compatible with popular enterprise email clients
  • Requires minimal user training. For most clients, digitally signing and/or encrypting an email is a simple button click, often done automatically to all outgoing messages

Digitally sign emails to fight spoofing and phishing attacks

  • Tie the sender’s third-party-verified identity to the email
  • Sender’s identity is presented to recipient to differentiate from spoofed emails
  • Support non-repudiation
  • Prevent any changes to email contents after it has been sent

Encrypt emails to protect contents in transit and at rest

  • S/MIME encrypted emails can only be decrypted by the intended recipient
  • End-to-end encryption — Email remains encrypted in transit and at rest on servers
  • Prevent data loss and leaks

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Simplified S/MIME Deployments and Certificate Management

GlobalSign’s S/MIME Certificates scale to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to large enterprises, with certificate lifecycle management and automation technologies to simplify high volume deployments.

Managed PKI Platform

GlobalSign’s online portal centralizes and
provides one-click control over certificate
lifecycle, user, and billing management


Active Directory Integration

Automatically provision S/MIME
to all domain-joined employees;
supports key recovery and archival


MDM Connectors

Provision S/MIME Certificates to
MDM-managed devices using integrations
with AirWatch, MobileIron, and InTune


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