PKI Certificate Management

Centralized control of all certificates, user & financial activity


What is Public Key Infrastructure?

In a nutshell, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is how your enterprise uses encryption and keys to provide digital certificates and protect sensitive data. Our PKI Management platforms features:

  • Granular user permissions/roles & delegated administration to define enterprise privileges from one account
  • Automated provisioning using APIs & integrations to manage & centralize all certificates, users & financial info​
  • Pre-vetted domains & profiles = instant certs

One Stop PKI Shop​

  • Manage all certificates, users, and financial information from one centralized account​
  • Pre-vetted domain and profiles for instant certificate issuance​
  • Combined financial and billing information​
  • Granular user permissions/delegated administration to define user roles and privileges within your enterprise​
  • Automate provisioning with APIs and integrations

Centralized control over certificate and user activity

  • Revoke, renew, reissue, or cancel certificates with the click of a button​
  • Control who can issue certificates, what kinds can be issued, and to which domains or entities​
  • Manage multiple departments or business entities from one account
  • Combine financial and billing information

Lower Total Cost of Ownership for PKI​

  • Significant volume discounts over purchasing individual certificates​
  • Flexible business terms for organizations of all sizes: pay as you go, deposit account funds, or unlimited issuance licenses​
  • Streamlined lifecycle management reduces hours needed for certificate administration ​
  • Integrations with Active Directory and MDMs automate provisioning

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Features & Benefits

Our secure SaaS-based platform offers unique features and functionality that give you complete control of your certificate needs from one centralized account. APIs, Active Directory integration, and inventory tools make it easy to automate and track certificate deployments.​

Instant Issuance of Multi-functional Digital Certificates

Pre-vetted company profiles and domains mean you can immediately issue certificates to accommodate specific department or project needs: SSL, digitally sign and encrypt email (S/MIME), authenticate users/devices to networks, enable mobile security and authentication, digitally sign MS-Office and PDF documents & SmartCard Logon.

APIs & Active Directory Integration​

Automate certificate lifecycles and workflows with APIs and integration with Active Directory. Leverage existing Active Directory investments to automatically provision certificates to all domain-connected users, devices, machines, and servers without the burden of managing PKI in-house.

Flexible Business Terms & Unlimited Issuance Licenses​

Managed PKI offers significant volume discounts over purchasing individual certificates. Choose from various purchasing options, including Pay as You Go, deposit method, and unlimited issuance licenses for increased flexibility with budget planning.

Multiple Organization Profiles

Register multiple companies or departments (profiles) under one account. Now umbrella entities can monitor, manage and centralize certificate activity for several subgroups from just one account.

Granular User Permissions​

Account administrators can control which staff members can apply for, approve, renew, and revoke certificates at the domain or profile level, ensuring only approved staff can access certificate activity.

No Hidden Fees

You only pay for certificates. There are no setup, hosting, or re-issuance fees, and we do not charge for multiple profiles or extended key usages.

Additional Tools

Active Directory Integration

GlobalSign’s software service connects your AD environment and GlobalSign’s SaaS CA to simplify and automate certificate provisioning without the need to run a Microsoft CA

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Certificate Inventory Tool

Locate all internal and public-facing SSL certificates on your networks, regardless of the issuing CA, monitor upcoming expirations, and keep up with baseline requirements.

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MDM Integrations​

Expanding PKI to devices creates an easy to implement and cost effective identity management solution.

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