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PKIaaS Connector for ServiceNow

Simplify Your Digital Certificate Request Process

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With an increasing need for enterprises to manage certificates in a self-service portal, GlobalSign's integration with ServiceNow provides users with a flexible workflow to request digital certificates.

IT administrators can empower enterprise users’ to request their own certificates by filling out defined fields in their ServiceNow instance, once approved the certificate is immediately issued for the user to install.

Powered by Atlas

GlobalSign’s digital identity platform, Atlas, powers the ServiceNow integration. This fully customizable integration connects ServiceNow instances to Atlas to obtain internal and publicly trusted certificates.

Connector Features Connector Benefits
  • Create, issue, retrieve, renew and revoke DV, OV and EV SSL/TLS certificates from one single platform

  • Pre-configure Action Items to allow admins to create workflows to assign and manage user permissions

  • Issue certificates at scale for various use cases including web servers, devices and authentication

  • Integrate with IT service management and operations (ITSM) processes
  • Gain insights with user-friendly dashboards, tracking issued, revoked, renewed, and expired certificates, along with server usage metrics
  • Receive timely expiry email notifications at custimizable intervals, ranging from 1 day to 90 days
  • A centralized self-service portal which simplifies the way users request certificates
  • Customizable Connector Action Items that fit within your organization
  • Single workflows which improve visibility across enterprises
  • Reduces risks and costs associated with manual certificate management
  • Increase visability into certificate requests, updates, and expirations, providing IT adminitrators with better control
  • Make informed decisions by tracking service usage metrics, optimizing resource allication for enchanced efficiency
  • Save time and costs with automated and manual certificate renewal options, ensuring efficient and hassle-free certificate lifecycle management

How it Works

About ServiceNow

As a market leader in IT automation, ServiceNow®, is the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone. Certificate lifecycle management is simple in the ServiceNow platform.

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GlobalSign's PKIaaS Connector works with ServiceNow to make certificate management easier. Ready to get started? Fill in the form below and the team will get in touch.

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