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Simplify Certificate Management Workflows in ServiceNow

Simplify Certificate Management Workflows in ServiceNow

Complex IT environments have been a key driver in the rising number of digital certificates used in enterprises today. Web servers, devices, network hardware and even users need securing, and the need to secure IT infrastructure quickly and efficiently is becoming a task many enterprises face.  

As a Certificate Authority (CA), we know the importance of managing your digital certificates and with this the pain points associated with managing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Not only do IT administrators  have to contend with managing multiple users and endpoints, they also need to ensure they have visibility and control of their ever growing certificate portfolio. It is a complex environment and the key to certificate management are tools and integrations. This is where GlobalSign’s PKI as a Service (PKIaaS) Connector for ServiceNow comes in to play.  

What is the PKIaaS Connector for ServiceNow? 

The PKIaaS Connector enables organizations to connect their ServiceNow instance to GlobalSign’s digital identity platform, Atlas to create, issue, retrieve and revoke digital certificates – all whilst reducing risks and costs associated with manual certificate management.  

Key Features and Benefits of the PKIaaS Connector 

  • Permissions and processes are configured by IT administrators 

  • Users can request, issue, retrieve, and revoke PKI certificates via the Connector 

  • Provides enterprises with increased visibility of new and existing certificate requests 

  • Fast and efficient certificate deployment 

  • Centralised workflow processes ensures compliance, policy guidelines and organisational policies are adhered to 

  • Reduces the risks and costs associated with manual management and deployment of certificates 

  • The certificate is made available to the end user for installation 

What Makes the PKIaaS Connector Different? 

The main difference of the PKIaaS Connector is that the end users have the ability to request their own certificates through pre-defined fields in an automated digital certificate lifecycle whilst still maintaining a secure workflow. 

What’s more, the PKIaaS Connector can work with enterprises existing catalogue items, workflows and approval processes. 

Why Should I Choose the PKIaaS Connector from GlobalSign and ServiceNow? 

  • No extensive in-house PKI expertise required – GlobalSign are specialists in public and private PKI, enabling enterprises, cloud service providers and IoT innovators around the world to secure online and internal communications and devices. 

  • Powered by Atlas – Atlas is GlobalSigns high-throughput certificate management engine which is designed to support organisations, through automation, to use digital certificates to cover a wide array of endpoints and use cases. 

Market leaders in IT automation – By using the ServiceNow instance the PKIaaS Connector combines automation within IT Service Management, delivering ease of use within pre-defined ServiceNow configurations 

To learn more about GlobalSign’s PKIaaS Connector for ServiceNow read our datasheet

The connector is a free service and available to download and install from the ServiceNow store.  

Learn more about the Connector

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