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Digital Security Solutions Designed for Simplicity

Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the risk to business from cyber-attacks. Securing your customers businesses for today and the future not only helps mitigate the risk but also complies with regulations, policies and practices and has the scalability to evolve with technology and demand. But finding a solution that integrates simply and effectively can be a challenge.

When you become a Service Provider Partner with GlobalSign, you are getting more than just another technology add-on. It’s an opportunity to help resolve your customers' digital security problems. Our cloud-based Certificate Lifecycle Management system and identity solutions will seamlessly integrate with any platform or application, making it easy for today’s leading Service Providers to deliver experiences where and how their customers want them.


Help Your Customers Meet Today’s Cybersecurity and Compliance Challenges Head-On

As one of GlobalSign’s Service Provider Partner focusing on the enterprise market, GlobalSign provides a range of services and solutions that resolve enterprises IT security challenges. You will receive access to GlobalSign’s full suite of best-in-class PKI services, which can also be used in conjunction with our Technology Alliance Partner Integrations, such as HashiCorp Vault and ServiceNow.

You will be fully equipped to consult, supply and manage GlobalSign solutions to address today’s most pressing enterprise challenges and pain points. These solutions fulfil business drivers for:

  • Compliance to legislation and industry regulations 
  • Alignment with policies & best practices 
  • Risk mitigation 
  • Digitalization and digitization enablement

What You Can Expect From GlobalSign

  • Leading security solutions 
  • Financial incentives 
  • Automation technologies 
  • Technical support 
  • Sales training 
  • Marketing resources 

Together we will deliver secure, highly trusted authenticated solutions for network infrastructure to small, mid-sized and large customers.

Within the GlobalSign PKI Solutions suite, Service Provider Partners have access to our XaaS:

Secure Email as a Service

The most IT security attacks that arise, come from email, in all manner of ways such as ransomware attacks, phishing, spere phishing, the list is endless; in a nutshell, email can be seen as a company's worst nightmare and a threat actor's dream space.

GlobalSign provides the tools for you to make emails safe by ensuring user and business identity can be applied to the message content itself. It provides digital signing and optional encryption to ensure that not only is the identity of the sender included in the message, but that the email can only be read by the intended recipients.

GlobalSign’s S/MIME based service ensures that the message content and attachments are tamper-evident, and should they be modified, the message will indicate it is not to be trusted. To keep the email secure, the known identity of the sender is an essential component of trust.

Use GlobalSign's S/MIME services as part of yours for truly secure email!  

SSL/TLS as a Service

Our TLS as a Service offering delivers and supplies the mechanisms for you to make it easy. Our SSL/TLS solutions can be tailored to fit your needs, offering highly scalable and flexible certificate configuration, issuance, and revocation - completely triggered via our API.

Our short-term certificates and hosted CRL and OCSP services are a perfect fit for Service Providers. We make it simple to add security to your service offering, without the administrative burden.

Digital Signing as a Service

Our highly scalable, cloud-based digital signing solution replaces wet ink signatures, creates a tamper-evident seal to protect intellectual property, and works with existing document signing workflow applications including Adobe Acrobat Sign, DocuSign and others.  

Recognized as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) and AATL member, GlobalSign can provide certificates for advanced and qualified signatures and seals under eIDAS. 

The main benefits are:  

  • Document is shown to be authentic and comes from a verified source 
  • Signer's identity is verified by a trusted organization (Certificate Authority) 
  • Signature supports non-repudiation 
  • Creates tamper-evident seal on document contents 
  • Embedded, trusted timestamps support non-repudiation and audit logs 

Qualified Signing as a Service

There is a growing need for organizations to implement legally binding signing solutions, not only in Europe but globally. Our Cloud Based platform allows Service Providers to deploy qualified electronic signatures or seals into their customers environment utilizing their existing signing application. Their employees can then securely sign critical internal documents and contracts anytime, anywhere.

The main benefits are:  

  • Mitigates risks by verifying the signee of the document 
  • Cloud-based with no hardware or PKI-Expertise required 
  • Provides legally binding Qualified Signatures and Seals 
  • Easy Authentication through mobile app for employees 
  • Compliant with the eIDAS regulation 
  • Gives the confidence and trust to ensure that documents are approved efficiently 



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