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Enhancing Document Workflow Automation: GlobalSign and airSlate

Enhancing Document Workflow Automation: GlobalSign and airSlate

Here at GlobalSign, we help organizations remain secure through digital identity, and one way we do this is through our work with our partners. In this exclusive interview series, we talk to our partners and uncover what businesses can gain through the partnership. Join us as we discuss how the partnership between GlobalSign and airSlate rethinks digital signing and document signing workflows through our joint solution, creating a seamless experience for users.  

Hello and welcome airSlate, could you tell us a little about the company and what you do? 

Certainly, airSlate is a global Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm that empowers teams worldwide with its innovative no-code workflow automation, electronic signatures, and document management solutions. Our award-winning product suite, which includes SignNow, pdfFiller, and airSlate, is designed to drive productivity and facilitate digital transformation, ensuring organizations operate more efficiently and sustainably.  

Securing Digital Signing Workflows with Signature Solutions  

So, from your perspective, why is there is a need for businesses to have a secure signature solution? 

In today's digital world, secure signature solutions play a crucial role. They are technologies that enable users to sign digital documents with electronic signatures that are based on cryptographic certificates. These certificates are issued by trusted authorities, such as GlobalSign, that verify the identity and authenticity of the signers. 

GlobalSign and SignNow: Creating a Seamless Signature Experience 

How does airSlate’s SignNow integrate with GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service (DSS)? 

As a leading provider of solutions for document workflow automation, we seek global adoption of digital signatures powered by one of our flagship products – SignNow.  

SignNow integrates with GlobalSign's Digital Signing Service (DSS) to ensure a consistent and hassle-free user experience, backed by industry-leading security whilst also meeting compliance standards. This integration allows SignNow customers to access Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) capabilities directly from within the application, while still enjoying SignNow's trademark ease of use and features. 

Could you tell us more about how SignNow provides access to Advanced Electronic Signatures? 

Many clients, especially those in the European Union and Latin America, have heightened security, compliance, and authentication requirements that can be met by Advanced Electronic Signatures. 

Due to their cryptographic elements, Advanced Electronic Signatures are linked to the signer and document which enables detection of any changes made to the data and therefore adheres to stringent EU regulations (eIDAS) for Advanced Electronic Signatures. This feature is particularly beneficial to users operating in heavily regulated industries, like financial services and public administration, as they handle high-risk transactions requiring AES for added security. 

What benefits does airSlate’s SignNow solution offer? 

Through SignNow and GlobalSign’s DSS partnership, you can create a seamless eSignature for sensitive transactions that require signer authentication, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.  

Businesses and users can benefit from several other advantages, such as: 

  • Verifying the signer’s identity 
  • Detecting tampering and providing document integrity 
  • Meeting legal validity and regulatory requirements, such as eIDAS for Advanced Electronic Signatures and PSD2 
  • Streamlined authorization processes 

“In an era where digital security is vital, airSlate's decision to collaborate with GlobalSign was a strategic one, underpinned by a shared commitment to providing secure and reliable eSignature solutions. This partnership underscores airSlate's commitment to continually enhance its security measures, ensuring our customers' peace of mind when using our services.” 

- John Midtbo, VP of Global Channels from airSlate 

 Why did you choose to partner with GlobalSign? 

Through our strategic partnership with GlobalSign, a leading authority on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and identity solutions, SignNow is able to offer a comprehensive signing experience reinforced by GlobalSign’s digital signing solutions and identity validation. The integration into SignNow's platform elevates security standards and legal compliance, providing users with an unmatched level of assurance.  

Additionally, incorporating GlobalSign's digital signing solutions makes it significantly easier for our users to obtain Advanced Electronic Signatures from inside the SignNow product. This integration makes regulatory compliance more accessible for them as they continue to enjoy SignNow's intuitive interface and productivity features. 

GlobalSign is a renowned provider of digital certificates and trust services, known for its excellence in delivering secure identity solutions. With a strong reputation built over many years, GlobalSign was the natural choice for airSlate.  

  • Digital Signature Solutions: Advanced Electronic Signature (AES)  

One of the key benefits of GlobalSign's services is digital signature solutions, including Advanced Electronic Signatures, which comply with the eIDAS regulation for Advanced Electronic Signatures and are accepted worldwide. GlobalSign's Digital Signing Service is not only compliant but also known for its ease of integration, allowing developers to save significant resources. 

  • Simple Integration with GlobalSign's REST API 

GlobalSign's REST API, along with its comprehensive documentation, enabled us to swiftly incorporate GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service into the SignNow platform with minimal complications. 

  • Leveraging GlobalSign's Digital Identity Platform, Atlas 

By leveraging GlobalSign's Digital Identity Platform, Atlas, we were able to eliminate the need for managing hardware or having in-depth PKI expertise. This saved the SignNow team valuable time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on developing an in-house cryptographic solution. Instead, these resources were redirected towards enhancing the SignNow product itself and delivering a superior user experience. 

Learn More About GlobalSign’s Digital Identity Platform, Atlas 

Setting Goals Through the airSlate and GlobalSign Partnership 

By teaming up with GlobalSign, how have you been able to enhance your offering? 

  • Expand market reach 

By teaming up with GlobalSign, SignNow can now cater to clients in regions where AES is mandatory or preferred. This strategic alliance allows SignNow to expand its market reach and serve a diverse clientele with varying regulatory requirements. 

  • Strengthen brand reputation 

Collaborating with a renowned and well-established company like GlobalSign enhances SignNow's standing as a leading eSignature solution provider. By delivering services that adhere to the most stringent security standards and legal regulations, SignNow demonstrates its commitment to offering superior solutions for its users. 

  • Gain competitive advantage 

By partnering with GlobalSign and offering AES capabilities, SignNow can differentiate itself from competitors and position itself as a comprehensive eSignature solution that meets high regulatory requirements. This will ultimately attract more customers across different industries and regions. 

Discover airSlate  

Is there anything further you would like to tell us about airSlate, perhaps a fun fact about the company? 

Sure, here’s a fun fact: all of this started because of a printer.  

airSlate's co-founder, entrepreneur Vadim Yasinovsky, didn't have a printer when a friend asked him to help print out a college application. Vadim came up with a better solution. He wrote a simple program that allowed filling out documents in PDF format online, instead of the traditional method of printing and completing a form with a pen. This is how pdfFiller was born, airSlate's first product that laid the foundation for what is now a global document workflow automation juggernaut. 

“Six offices, three continents, more than one thousand team members of 11 nationalities who speak 12 languages, and work tirelessly across 7 different time zones – this is airSlate today.” 

- John Midtbo, VP of Global Channels from airSlate 

Discover Our Digital Signing Solutions 

To learn more about the integration of airSlate's SignNow and GlobalSign's API, please reach out to our sales team for assistance.  

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