Your Guide to eIDAS: Implications for eSignatures and Recommendations for How to Stay in Compliance

Still have questions about eIDAS? You’re not alone! We break it all down for you in this easy-to-understand reference guide.

In the EU, tools like eID are helping provide a consistent level of digital trust, to make the online environment safer for all users. The regulation for Electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services was born out of this same hope in 2016. Since that time, digital services have exploded and the need for secure and standardized electronic signatures is greater than ever. Yet many workers and business owners still have questions about eSignatures.

In this comprehensive guide we’ll walk you through the basics, covering frequently asked questions like:

  • What is the eIDAS regulation?
  • What is the difference between basic, advanced, and qualified electronic signatures?
  • How do you determine which eSignature assurance level you need?
  • What is the purpose of an electronic seal?

You’ll also get access to key takeaways and additional links and resources that will help you make the right decision when it comes to finding the right provider for your digital signing needs.  

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