SSL Secure Site Seals - visual cues that yield greater trust

Why not let your website visitors know that you have invested in the security of their transactions and data? Displaying a GlobalSign SSL Secure Site Seal is the best way to boost your website’s legitimacy, and a great visual indicator to assure site visitors that every piece of data and all transactions are shared in a secure environment authenticated by one of the internet’s original, most trusted Certificate Authorities that can boast high consumer recognizability.

Let Your Visitors See Your Site Seal

Research shows that visual cues like site seals have a positive effect on consumer trust and conversion rate; especially on login and payment pages, without compromising website loading speed. Site seals are ideally placed right below login or payment fields; where they're easy to spot, to maximize visitor’s trust on a website. Another popular place is in the website footer. GlobalSign’s Site Seals go beyond being just a visual cue, as website visitors can click on it to display important security details.

Learn How To Display Your GlobalSign Site Seal In 3 Easy Steps