Getting Certificates from HashiCorp Vault

It's easier than ever for DevOps pros to enroll, issue, list & revoke SSL/TLS certificates

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Is DevOps responsible for security or is it the other way around?

The answer to this age-old question just got a lot simpler with the seamless integration between GlobalSign’s Atlas and HashiCorp Vault, satisfying security-minded executives and fast-moving engineers through streamlined certificate lifecycle management.

When security is baked directly into DevOps tools and processes, there’s no need to worry about exposing sensitive and/or unreleased data to hackers and unwitting users. Now, developers can continue to practice “Dynamic Secret Management” in HashiCorp Vault while quickly and easily requesting digital certificates from GlobalSign, one of the world’s most trusted public and internal Certificate Authorities.

The end result is an efficient way to enforce consistent policies in every stage of development across the organization.

With the Atlas Certificate Provider Plugin for HashiCorp Vault

  • Enable fast certificate provisioning that complies with policy
  • Gain crypto- and cloud agility with standardized certificate processes
  • Simplify certificate issuance and lifecycle management with Atlas secret agent for key generation and management


How it Works

Experience the seamless integration between HashiCorp and GlobalSign via REST APIs.

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About HashiCorp

HashiCorp is the leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software. The HashiCorp software suite enables organizations to adopt consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application. HashiCorp’s open-source tools, Vagrant™, Packer™, Terraform, Vault, Consul, and Nomad, are downloaded tens of millions of times each year and are broadly adopted by the Global 2000. Enterprise versions of these products enhance the open-source tools with features that promote collaboration, operations, governance, and multi-data center functionality. 


Security may be everyone's job but it doesn't have to feel like it.

Contact one of our PKI experts today to learn more about how GlobalSign’s Atlas Certificate Provider Plugin for HashiCorp Vault
can keep your DevOps processes secure without slowing them down.

By requesting more information, a GlobalSign Product Specialist will contact you.

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for internal PKI expertise, ongoing maintenance, and associated costs
  • Increase certificate issuance volume and velocity with certificates delivered within 2 seconds
  • Eliminate the need to manage PKI in-house or rely on self-signed certificates