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How GMO Sign Works?

GMO Sign by GlobalSign is a cloud-based signing solution that is available in UAE (United Arab Emirates). GMO Sign saves you from laborious tasks such as posting, collecting, filing, and searching documents. With features like timestamping, long-term validation, and clientless interface, the time and cost spent on managing, archiving, and shipping paper documents is significantly reduced. Watch this video to know more.


Let’s Have a Walkthrough

We are here to contribute towards the services of promoting digitization in India and for this, we are offering different signature types in our signing solution - out of which one is Aadhaar eSign. Our digitally signed contracts are accepted under the provision of the Indian Information Technology Act II, 2000 (IT Act). GMO Sign by GlobalSign is a cloud-based signing solution that enables businesses to prepare, send, and sign documents virtually. These signed documents would be legally valid in India that would be authentic as of handwritten signatures.

Document Signing Flow

GMO Sign – An Affordable Solution for Meeting all your Business Needs

gmo sign aadhaar flow

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Enabling a Scalable, Cloud-based Service

  • Integration with document signing applications
  • Private Key Management and Storage
  • Compliance
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Cryptographic Signing Components (e.g., Certificates, OCSP, CRL, Timestamping)
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Individual or organization-level signing identities
  • Trusted AATL Member
  • PKI-based Signatures
  • Third Party Timestamping

Our Offerings for Valuable Indian Customers

  • Aadhaar eSign signature service through OTP validation.
  • Additionally, provides other types of signatures like DSS.
  • No limitation on the number of users to be managed in account.
  • User group management available with different permissions.
  • Privileges to administrators for defining settings in GMO Sign.
  • Generate secure URL for bank services, educational purpose, etc.
  • Works with Microsoft Power Automate, Slack, and other apps.
  • Predefine and reuse templates for quick sending of workflows.
  • Draft the workflow requests to access or send them afterwards.
  • GMO Sign APIs are available for integration with your application.

Document Signing Process and Features

Sign with identified Electric Certificate pre-issued by Certificate Authority

CSV file data can be imported into documents

Optimal for documents with different contents for each party, such as employment contracts

Document Management

  • Document Registration

    Registering the name of the document, the other party, the date of conclusion, etc. is possible. Related documents (individual documents, MOUs, etc.) can be linked and displayed at a glance.

  • Document Search

    It is possible to immediately search for the necessary document by document information (document name, counterparty, date of conclusion, etc.). Fuzzy and narrowed search is also supported.

  • Browsing Restriction

    You can set the viewing range for each document and folder, so you can safely store confidential and related parties' documents.

  • Renewal Management

    Renewal notifications are sent on pre-set dates to prevent missing contract renewals and cancellations.

  • Document List Output

    Output the document list as a CSV file. The list can be created and submitted immediately in the event of an audit, etc.

  • Paper Document Registration Optional

    Paper contracts can also be scanned and stored, searched and managed along with electronic documents.

Customize the document management items to make them even easier to use

  • Adding New Item

    The Title of the Remarks can be changed

  • Add

    a character, number or date attribute

Pre-register for frequently used documents, reduces the hassle of uploading

Very efficient to register a standard template contract or application form and set up a free text area to send it

What Makes GMO Sign Unique in Indian Market

globalsign ssl/tls
Apply Signatures From Anywhere

GMO Sign enables users to apply signatures through web browsers of tablet, iPad, iPhone, smartphones, and other digital means. Simply open the email signature link, review document(s), and apply signatures.

globalsign digital signature
Support Inhouse and External Signers

There is no limitation on the number of signers to be defined in a single workflow. A requestor can add as many signers as required, and they can be internal as well as external signers of the organization.

globalsign secure email
Send workflows in Bulk through CSV

Send multiple workflow requests in one go through CSV file. Simply provide the details like email address, signer’s name, signature order, etc. This process makes it quick for clients to send requests in less time duration.

globalsign code signing
Additional Security Parameters for Free

Features like IP address restriction to block account access from unauthorized IPs, email address restriction to avoid sending of request on unsecured domains, two factor authentication, etc., are to add an additional security layer at an organizational level.

globalsign authentication
Sign Files with Aadhaar Number Only

No separate vetting or validation procedures are required to apply digital signatures on documents. Signer(s) has to provide their Aadhaar number and then, an OTP would be sent on their registered mobile phone to validate and sign documents.

globalsign mobile authentication
Affordable Cost Price

In comparison to other competitors, GMO Sign offers eSign, Digital Signatures (GCC / DSS), and Aadhaar eSign signature services at an affordable price. In fact we do not restrict upon users count, documents’ count to be stored in the account.

GMO Sign aadhar Signing

Use GMO Sign to Apply Aadhaar eSign on your Documents

In today’s date, the Aadhar-based signature acts like physical signature and is valid equivalently. A signer would be navigated to Capricorn Identity Services Pvt. Ltd. where they have to enter their Aadhaar number and provide the sent OTP on registered mobile number.

Use GMO Sign to Apply Aadhar e-Sign

aadhaar signing flow

Request a Demo for GMO Sign

GMO Sign by GlobalSign is a cloud-based document signing solution that eliminates workflow complexities.

Contact us at sales-ae@globalsign.com or fill the form below and our product specialist will contact you.

  • AATL Compatible
  • N:N Services
  • Paperless Solution
  • Customizable Workflow