On-Demand Webinar

PKI - The Security Swiss Army Knife


Sid Desai

Director of Sales Engineering GlobalSign


Kim Johnson

Product Marketing Manager GlobalSign

Solve 3 Major Enterprise Security Challenges with PKI

Too often organizations take the one problem - one solution approach to enterprise security. Wouldn't it be more efficient and cost-effective to find one solution that can do it all? Yes, and PKI is the answer.

In this webinar we're highlighting three of the leading challenges facing IT teams today and how PKI solves all three:

Email security - Hackers have become increasingly savvy at targeting organizations via email, including intercepting messages to get at sensitive information or email spoofing with the intent of pushing to phishing sites or triggering malicious downloads.

User and machine authentication - The age of passwords is over and the threat of rogue machines is on the rise. You need a way to control which users and machines can access and operate on your networks.

High volume deployments - You need an efficient way to deploy and manage solutions for all endpoints in your organization.

Join our webinar to learn more about how PKI meets these challenges and your options for implementing PKI.

During the webinar, you'll learn:

  • The growing need for email security and strong authentication
  • The unique challenges of high volume deployments
  • How to automate high volume PKI deployments using existing Active Directory infrastructure
  • Options for deploying high volume PKI, including pros and cons to each solution
  • An example of a hosted high volume PKI deployment

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