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Provide Confidence and Assurance in Organizational Documents with eSeals

Compliance regulations and industry demands are dictating the way businesses are making transactions, which means there is a growing need for enterprises to provide their customers with the assurance that their documents can be trusted.

Year on year, the number of digital signatures is increasing, including eSeals. In 2022, approximately 75% of digital signatures generated from GlobalSign's Digital Signing Service were Electronic Seals, also known as eSeals. Electronic Seals are an ideal digital signing solution to automatically sign large volumes of documents, making them ideal for bulk signing needs. 


How Can Qualified Trust Seals Meet Business Signing Needs

Qualified Trust Seal is a type of Electronic Seal, which is generated with a qualified digital certificate. With the ability to sign larger volumes of documents, Qualified Trust Seals provide a qualified route of trust.

Through GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service, Qualified Trust Seals enable organizations to automatically seal internal documents with a qualified level of identity trust.

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When Would You Use a Qualified Trust Seal?

  • Digital Signatures and Contracts
  • Government Documents
  • Healthcare Records
  • Financial Transactions
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • E-Commerce

Difference Between Qualified Trust Seals and Qualified Electronic Seals

There are different types of seals, and while they are commonly used to ensure a documents origin and integrity, each brings a different level of trust.

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Ready to Seal Your Documents with Qualified Trust?

Qualified Trust Seals helps organizations seal internal documents automatically whilst meeting compliance regulations and industry standards. Talk to one of our experts about your document signing needs today.

  • Generated by a qualified digital certificate to provide a qualified level of trust
  • Automatic deployment and suitable for high volume needs
  • Verified by the European Union Trust List and compliant with the EU eIDAS regulation