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Elevate Your Digital Certificate Management: Unveiling GlobalSign's Enhanced PKIaaS Connector for ServiceNow

Elevate Your Digital Certificate Management: Unveiling GlobalSign's Enhanced PKIaaS Connector for ServiceNow

We are thrilled to unveil the latest innovations in our digital certificate management ecosystem through the enhanced PKIaaS Connector for ServiceNow

"In 2023, GlobalSign achieved a seamless integration with ServiceNow, a pivotal collaboration that brought together GlobalSign's certificate management engine, Atlas, and ServiceNow's industry-leading digital workflow capabilities. Drawing insights from this synergy, we've now enhanced our connector significantly, introducing a multitude of key features and functions. This evolution reflects our commitment to addressing the evolving needs of our customers, providing them with a robust and tailored solution for streamlined digital certificate management within their ServiceNow environment."
- Agnes Cseszneki, Product Manager

The upgrades in GlobalSign’s PKIaaS Connector empower ServiceNow's 7,000+ user base to efficiently handle digital certificates. Users benefit from streamlined actions on issuance and expiration, detailed reports, and real-time metrics. Integration with GlobalSign's digital identity platform, Atlas, allows enterprises to seamlessly manage certificate requests within their ServiceNow instance. These updates address the growing importance of certificate automation. Our customizable offering ensures ServiceNow users are well-equipped for short-lived certificate cycles, providing a reliable and user-friendly solution for effective certificate management.

Seamless Certificate Lifecycle Management

Our enhanced PKIaaS Connector empowers you to effortlessly manage the entire certificate lifecycle. From streamlined issuance, revocation, renewal, and retrieval to customizable updates, downloads, and proactive expiration management, we bring you a comprehensive solution that aligns with your evolving needs.

Automation for Effortless Operations

Leverage the efficiency of automated renewals for timely certificate updates and automated script enhancements to effortlessly uphold validation policies, ensuring your certificates consistently align with the latest standards, significantly reducing time and costs. Our connector integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows, offering an intuitive interface for enhanced visibility and control.

Insightful Reporting for Informed Decisions

Gain comprehensive insights into your certificate landscape with user-friendly dashboards. Track service usage to optimize resource allocation and use interactive filters and certificate reports to make informed decisions for your organization.

Why Choose GlobalSign's PKIaaS Connector?

  • User-Centric Workflow: Empower end-users to request their certificates through pre-defined fields in an automated digital certificate lifecycle.
  • Flexible Integration: The connector seamlessly integrates with your existing catalog items, workflows, and approval processes, ensuring a smooth transition.

You can explore the capabilities of GlobalSign's PKIaaS Connector for ServiceNow by reading our datasheet.

The connector is available as a free service and can be downloaded and installed from the ServiceNow store.

Feel free to explore the advancements in our PKIaaS Connector for ServiceNow and for a deeper dive into our previous insights, check out our previous blog post.

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