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A Guide to Streamlining Business Processes and Workflows

A Guide to Streamlining Business Processes and Workflows

Every business aims to become more efficient and agile, especially as the pace of digital transformation is accelerating. Streamlining business processes and workflows is an efficient and durable way to accomplish goals, particularly when approached with the right strategy focused on continuous improvement.

Streamlining business processes and workflows makes the management more efficient. It helps reduce the time an employee takes to carry out the procedure, minimizes the errors, and achieves productivity to accomplish high-priority goals. When conducted properly, streamlining can enhance collaboration, improve employee and customer satisfaction and retention rate.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Workflows?

Digital workflows provide various benefits for businesses of all types and sizes. Here are some benefits of digital workflows:

  • Visibility and Insight into Your Business Processes:
    Digital processes and workflows clearly visualize how your business is operating and what improvement is possible for the betterment of the current situation. It can assist in identifying inefficient bottlenecks in your working pattern. Without a proper management tool, it becomes harder to identify and resolve these types of problems.
  • Expedite Approval Procedure:
    For businesses that don’t use digital workflows, taking approvals takes too long and becomes complicated. The process becomes even more confusing when there are multiple approval authorities; however, with a proper solution, the approval procedure can easily be managed and tracked.
  • Efficiency and Scalability:
    Digital workflows are the right way to improve operational efficiency. They help you identify delays in your work processes, provide effective digital solutions and enable automation in your company activities. Your overall operation will automatically improve when your workflow is rightly optimized and well-automated.
  • Simplifying Audit Procedures:
    Auditing your business processes could become easier with digital workflow activation. Our GMO Sign Solution provides a documented history—a ledger of all process activities. It’s as simple as logging into the platform and clicking a few buttons to get the entire history of the activities.
  • Eliminated Manual Processes:
    Digital workflows replace traditional and outdated manual processes that are inefficient and ineffective because of the changes in the organizational landscape. Switching to a digital solution saves time, effort, and money and expedites the entire process.

What Are the Easiest Workflows to Digitize?

Many businesses still use manual processes for simple, mundane business workflow tasks. Here are a few areas that should be digitized in all types of organizations, no matter what the size and type of services:

  • Requests and Approvals:
    Various request and approval tasks such as document approvals, company travel, and expenses should be digitized on priority as these are simple "one-off" processes with simplified workflows. With a digital workflow solution, employees can easily log in to the software, complete the form manually, upload documents that require approval, and simply align the task as per the signature hierarchy.
  • Forms, Contracts, and Document Management:
    Activities that require tracking, completion, and further management of forms, contracts, or official documents can utilize the digitization innovation. When done manually, these types of tasks involve lots of printing, faxing, and calling. With GMO Sign, you can create a consistent document workflow system by quickly sending a respective document to all of the necessary people and managing everything from a single platform.
  • Onboarding:
    All tasks related to onboarding a new employee, customer, or client can be addressed with a digital workflow solution. Without digitizing onboarding processes, you have to cover things manually, which involves a possibility of human error, such as forgetting to review an important issue. With a digital onboarding workflow, you will have a consistent process covering crucial information.
  • Incident Reports:
    The submission, reporting, and tracking of complaints, injuries, and damages can be digitized using workflow management services like GMO Sign. These are simple administrative tasks that involve the recording of information. Our solution can help you track incident reports by maintaining a central system that records, categorizes, and stores the incident. This ensures that details don't get lost, and incidents are prioritized and dealt with.
  • Documentation:
    Any form of documentation can and should use digital workflows. Documentation is a relatively basic, mundane task involving recording, storing, and tracking information which often is done through paper-based systems that are inefficient today and simply unnecessary. There are digital workflow solutions that make documenting processes more effective and efficient which helps save money and time.


With our cloud-based solution, GMO Sign, you can effortlessly reduce operational costs and increase employee and customer satisfaction. It promotes a clean and paperless environment and provides you with a secured PKI-based platform to make it simple for end-users to digitally sign, file, and store the necessary paperwork in minutes. The functionality becomes more manageable with less paper usage and contributes to high-level security, timely auditing, and more.

Benefits of GMO Sign

  • Faster contract signing process
  • Scalability & Customization
  • Reduced cost with online contracts
  • Ensures business continuity
  • Efficient process and operation
  • Strengthen compliance

By adopting GMO Sign, any organization's employees, partners, and customers can easily apply electronic and digital signatures on documents. Contact us today to know more about our solutions.

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