With GMO Sign, a secure cloud-based document signing solution

Processing paper documents may need significant physical space, time, resources, and cost. However, you can integrate cost-effective solutions for your documents management and get greater control and remote access anytime, anywhere.

GlobalSign brings you a solution that can help you capture, store, and manage all your electronic documents in one place and can easily save a lot of time, resources, and money. GMO Sign by GlobalSign is a cloud-based signing solution that saves you from laborious tasks such as posting, collecting, filing, and searching documents. With features like timestamping, long-term validation, and clientless interface, the time and cost spent on managing, archiving, and shipping paper documents is significantly reduced. It also provides you with a secured PKI-based platform to make it simple for end-users to digitally sign, file, and store the necessary paperwork in minutes.


  • Reusable document and signing workflow templates for future use
  • Customizable signatures & workflows for internal/external document approval processes
  • Fully managed keys for powerful, yet transparent cryptographic identity binding
  • Electronic, AATL digital, & eIDAS-compliant advanced electronic signatures in one user interface
  • Features like Timestamping and long-term validation
  • Bulk sending and complete individual signing requirements
  • User-friendly interface for contract and document management
  • Document archival giving users an enhanced view into the document’s history
  • User group and folder access management to ensure document's security


GMO Sign is for every industry, function, and organization that deals with documents and contracts and wants to:

Reduce time, cost & efforts taken of their human resources to sign documents & contracts significantly

Use legally admissible signatures & save the confidential documents on cloud for safety

Adopt an eco-friendly solution for all their organization's document signing needs


Streamline operations

Satisfy multiple use cases

Customizable workflow options

Protect data and information

Reduced time & cost

Get 24/7 support

Strengthen compliance

Ensures business continuity



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