Streamlining & Optimizingthe Document Signing Processwith GMO Sign by GlobalSign

A cloud-based tool to optimize the way of doing business

Businesses across the globe are putting efforts to manage their huge amount of contracts and signing, they spent money, time, and resource in streamlining the process, but it is not efficient. This is the story of every business vertical either they are into retails, online service providers, or any training institute, contract management is crucial but a hassle for them.

Similarly, Tipness is a comprehensive fitness club with a wide variety of personal menus and fitness options. They are operational in 62 locations nationwide and providing facilities like gyms, yoga and swimming pools as well as personal fitness training for which they have various type of contracts with their trainers but as much as their network were growing their problems of contract management were also growing for which they discussed the problem with GlobalSign and our experts advise them to introduce GMO Sign in their contract administration process. And this decision became a boon for their business which not just solved the problem but also saved their time and money at the same time.

GMO Sign comes with the following features:

  • Sign contract documents with identified electric certificate pre-issued by certificate authority.
  • CSV file data can be imported in documents.
  • Customize the document management items to make them easy to use
  • Pre-register for frequently used documents, reduces the hassle of uploading
  • Efficient to register a standard a template contract or application form and set up a free text area to send it.