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Replacing Your Microsoft CA Just Got More Compelling

Replacing Your Microsoft CA Just Got More Compelling

Latest version of our Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG) enhances integration of your Active Directory environment with our SaaS CA service – offering an attractive TCO

Today, we are announcing the launch of the latest version of our Active Directory integration platform, the GlobalSign Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG), which enables you to replace your Microsoft CA without losing the automation benefits, while realizing a significant cost savings.

Functioning as a proxy between our WebTrust-audited SaaS-based CA and your Active Directory environment, AEG automates the enrollment, provisioning, and management of digital certificates, but with a lower total cost of ownership for public key infrastructure, and reduced risk of expensive business interruptions due to system outages or key management failures.

See how AEG works and benefits your organization

In this latest version, we’ve added additional functionalities for automating deployments of certificates for secure email (S/MIME), user and machine authentication, and internal facing servers. New features include:

  • Certificate Provisioning to Non-AD Objects: You can now issue certificates to non-domain-joined objects (e.g., routers, mobile devices, non-Windows machines) using the SCEP sever functionalities. Enrollment can take place using a manual enrollment website, or using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform.
  • Key Recovery and Archival: Essential for S/MIME use cases, you can now automatically archive private keys during the enrollment process.
  • Expanded Windows Server support: AEG can now be installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 R2.
  • Enhanced lifecycle management capabilities: Additional certificate lifecycle functionality is now available directly from the AEG administrator panel (e.g., key recovery, archival, certificate revocation).

View our on demand webcast: Leveraging Active Directory to Automate PKI

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