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How to Digitally Sign a PDF Using BlueBeam Revu

How to Digitally Sign a PDF Using BlueBeam Revu

We recently explained how digital signatures are a perfect fit for the architecture, engineering, and construction industry because they reduce paper waste, decrease overhead costs, and shorten project timelines.  I'd like to add another reason to that list - they're super easy to use!

To prove my point, I'm going to walk through the simple steps it takes to apply a digital signature using one of the industry's leading PDF editing, markup, and collaboration software, BlueBeam Revu.

A couple things before we get started....

  • I'm going to cover the steps to create a single visible digital signature in a PDF. You can also add multiple digital signatures and certify a document. BlueBeam has a great support article that details how to do this.
  • You need a digital certificate to apply digital signatures. In this example I'm going to be using one of our PDF Signing certificates, but the same steps apply to certificates from other providers.

Now let's open Revu, grab a PDF, and get to signing! 

1. Navigate to Document > Signatures

With a PDF document open in BlueBeam Revu, select Document from the top menu and then click Sign Document under the Signatures drop down menu.  



2. Indicate where you want your signature to appear

Use the cursor to draw the signature area on the document. Once the signature area is defined, the Sign dialog will appear.  



3. Select the signing certificate & signature appearance

With the Sign dialog open, use the Digital ID drop down to select your signing certificate. Select the Signature Type, fill in any options and adjust the Appearance as required.  Click OK to continue.

Note: Here is where you could choose to certify the document and lock it down against future changes. Just select "Document Certification" under Signature Type and select what changes you want to allow after certifying.  

revu signature dialog


4. Save the PDF

You will be prompted to save the PDF. Choose the desired location and click Save.

save as


5. Enter your token passphrase

The Token Logon dialog will appear. Enter your token passphrase and click OK.



6. Enjoy your digitally signed document

Your signature will now appear in the area you designated in step 2. You can now distribute the document as necessary.

digital signature

And there you have it! That's how easy it is to add a digital signature to your PDFs using BlueBeam Revu. For more details on using digital signatures in Revu, check out our full solution guide: PDF Signing Certificate for BlueBeam Revu.

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