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See What's New in Security Solutions from GlobalSign at RSA 2017

See What's New in Security Solutions from GlobalSign at RSA 2017

Just like the annual rite of passage of geese flying south for the winter, leading security vendors from around the world will soon be migrating to San Francisco for the yearly RSA Conference. We here at GlobalSign have been preparing for RSA 2017 since even before the show ended last year. Right now, we are finishing up our final “to do’s” and getting ready to ship our booth out for the cross country journey to the event that starts on February 12th.

I know that we can say this just about every year, but we have a lot of excitement brewing for RSA 2017. First of all GlobalSign’s presence is growing. For the first time at RSA we will be exhibiting in a 20’X20’ booth #721 in the South Hall at the Moscone Center. This is representative of our growing market share as a leading global Certificate Authority (CA) and strategy to deliver a highly scalable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution to meet the demands of the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Showing You Why PKI Is Exciting Again

PKI is making a resurgence as a key security technology. Standards-based and proven to work, it’s long been the behind-the-scenes piece of the security puzzle. However, the “encrypt everything era” we are in and the extreme growth of connected device and users is highlighting why identity, and specifically PKI-based identity, is important. That has us super excited!

For this year’s event, our theme is “Identity for Everything.” Security best practices start with identity. When every ‘thing’ has an identity, everything can be more secure. People, devices, services, applications and all of the things that connect to the internet must have an identity to encrypt communications and transactions, authenticate to a service, authorize proper access and prove their integrity. PKI is the foundation for providing identity and GlobalSign’s high scale innovations are changing the way identities are being issued and applied. Check out our demos to see what’s exciting…

Identity for the Enterprise – Our cloud-based managed PKI solution is ideal for any size business from small to medium to the largest enterprise. With major new enhancements to our solution that we will be announcing at RSA, our customers will be able to automate, manage and integrate PKI in their environments like never before. If saving time and money while keeping your infrastructure secure is important to you, make sure you come to see this demo.

Identity for IoT – Last year we announced our high volume certificate service and our Strong Device Identity proof of concept with one of our partners, Infineon. Since then a lot has happened with our IoT security strategy. Our story has evolved “IoT security starts with PKI” and our IoT security partner ecosystem has grown. We will be showcasing more IoT security demos and how they apply in real world scenarios. With our high volume, high scale certificate service, GlobalSign is the best positioned CA to address IoT security requirements today.

Identity for Mobile – One of the biggest challenges facing CIOs and CISOs is how to manage and secure mobile devices on the corporate network. Whether these devices are corporate-issued or employee-owned (BYOD), you must control authentication and access into your network and services. Integrations with MDM/EMM platforms like MobileIron and AirWatch and SCEP functionality in our Managed PKI service, enable certificates to be easily issued and managed to ensure a secure mobile environment.

GlobalSign Presentation Series

Also new this year, we’re excited to offer a series of presentations at our booth. We have a great line up of presenters from our partners to our employees. Check out our topics and schedule us in to your agenda.

Tuesday, February 14th

11AM: Fully automated, scalable PKI solutions for mixed enterprise environments – Sid Desai – Director of Sales Engineering, GlobalSign

1PM: IoT Security Starts with PKI – Lancen LaChance – Vice President of Product Management, IoT, GlobalSign

2PM: Identity: The Foundation for IoT Security – Steve Hanna – Senior Principal, Infineon

3PM: Revolutionize Your Web Service by Removing the Login Page – Keith Uber – Vice President of Sales Engineering, Ubisecure

4PM: Medical Device Security – A Defense in Depth Perspective using PKI - Loren Shade – Founder of IoT Security Form and VP Marketing at Allegro Software

Wednesday, February 15th

11AM: Solving 3 major mobile device security challenges with PKI – Evan Wajda – Sales Engineer, GlobalSign

1PM: Strong Device Identities through SRAM PUF-based Certificates – James Livingston – Director of Sales North America, Intrinsic-ID

2PM: Optimizing document workflows and meeting compliance with scalable, trusted digital signatures – Lancen LaChance – Vice President of Product Management, IoT, GlobalSign

3PM: Introduction to the Industrial Internet Consortium Security Claims Evaluation Testbed – Dan Isaacs  Director of Connected Systems, Xilinx

Thursday, February 16th

11AM: Smartphones, Biometrics and PKI – Enhancing Mobile Security – Markku MehtalaFounder and CEO, MePIN

1PM: Keeping your emails private and protecting against spear phishing with PKI – Sid Desai – Director of Sales Engineering, GlobalSign

Come See Us and Get a GlobalSign T-Shirt

We welcome you to come visit us at RSA to learn more about how we can help you with your security requirements. Once again this year, we will be giving away our highly sought after GlobalSign t-shirts. To get yours, make sure you stop in to see a demo or presentation and you’ll also have the chance to win an Apple iPad Pro. Set up a demo appointment or register to attend one of our presentation online today.

We look forward to seeing you at RSA. If you can’t attend and want to learn all about the exciting new things we’re doing, let’s talk now


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