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GlobalSign’s Enterprise Reseller Program Makes Issuing Digital Certificates Easy

GlobalSign’s Enterprise Reseller Program Makes Issuing Digital Certificates Easy

Issuing Digital Certificates can be complicated, especially when you need to issue and manage them for a number of companies in different industries and at different sizes. GlobalSign has two decades of experience with deploying Digital Certificates and Managed PKI services to a large number of customers and has created a platform that makes it easy for partners to incorporate PKI solutions into their existing product offerings.  

What is EPS?

GlobalSign's Enterprise Partner Solution (EPS) is an ordering system that allows specific types of partners to provide GlobalSign's cloud-based enterprise Managed PKI (MPKI) solution to their customers, either incorporated as part of a larger solution, or as a standalone offering, with a focus on Managed SSL (MSSL) and Enterprise PKI (EPKI).

EPS allows partners to provide their customer-base with all of the benefits of GlobalSign's managed solutions, while retaining control over their customers. It is a feature-rich platform that facilitates lifecycle management and provides full visibility and reporting over customer accounts and activities. As a GlobalSign partner, EPS allows you to simplify account and certificate management.

GlobalSign's EPS account can help you manage and enhance customer relationships by enabling:

  • your customers to have a managed platform for easily issuing and managing their own certificates,
  • you to manage the billing and payments for your enterprise customers,
  • you to sell GlobalSign certificates with flexibility from an integrated system.

Who Is EPS For?

EPS is for three specific types of GlobalSign partners, whether new or existing, to help provide and manage the ordering, issuing and renewal of Digital Certificates for their customers. 

  • System Integrators - Businesses that build computing systems for clients by combining technology solutions from multiple vendors, GlobalSign being one of those providers. Creation of these information systems may include designing or building a customized architecture or application [AEG, Azure Keyvault], integrating it with new or existing hardware, packaged and custom software and communications infrastructure.
  • Territory Partners - "Preferred Regional Partners" are key representatives to their local markets for GlobalSign’s Enterprise Digital Certificate (PKI) solutions and services. We work closely with our Territory Partners to assist them to provide ubiquitous digital security solutions to their SMB and Enterprise customers, in their local language and currency.
  • Service Providers - XaaS providers who have the need to include Digital Certificate solutions into their cloud, on-premise or hybrid applications.

Understanding EPS

To understand EPS, we must first look at the hierarchy of accounts and certificate delivery.  

GlobalSign Enterprise Partner Solution 

Types of Account

There are two key players involved in EPS.

TTP - Top Tier Partner Account

If you are the owner of the EPS account, you instantly become top of the hierarchy and are considered a GlobalSign Top Tier Partner Account or TTP Account.

Standard Reseller Partner Account

These are the TTP’s sub-accounts that are also certificate resellers. They will normally sell Digital Certificates as individual certificates to their end customers. They will be able to manage the billing, but the certificates come from you and you will receive a set fee for each certificate they sell on your behalf. This is normally only available for Territory Partners unless a specific use case arises.

GlobalSign Solutions for Your Customers

These are all SaaS solutions where everything is managed from the GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) in the cloud.

MPKI - Managed PKI

The MPKI platform allows you to sell Managed SSL and Enterprise PKI services to your end customer. This offers the ability for cross-selling, as you can offer a wide range of certificates from SSL/TLS Certificates to S/MIME, Document Signing, user or machine authentication and other client certificates, that can all be issued instantly and managed by your customer. 

MSSL - Managed SSL

The MSSL platform enables immediate issuance and lifecycle management of the full range of SSL Certificates, including Organization Validated (OV) and Extended Validation (EV), with support for Wildcard and Subject Alternative Names (SANs). Support for multiple entities under one account and delegated user administration offer both complete and centralized control of certificate needs across your customer’s entire organization.

EPKI - Enterprise PKI

EPKI is a managed PKI service used to issue and manage GlobalSign Client Certificates (used for authentication, S/MIME and document signing). The EPKI web portal and APIs provide you and your customers with a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to simplify PKI deployments. With EPKI, your customers have the necessary tools to maintain full control of their PKI requirements without the complexities and overhead cost of running an in-house CA.

Individual Certificates

Using an EPS account, you can sell individual certificates from GCC. This includes all SSL/TLS Certificates and Client Certificates such as S/MIME, Document Signing and Authentication Certificates.

Why Use EPS?

The main consideration is whether or not selling MPKI platforms would be a beneficial addition to your current products/services or solution offering. 

EPS differs from a standard partner account in that it is a flexible system which allows you to sell managed solutions to enterprises directly or offer individual certificates. The business relationship is also managed by your business instead of us. This includes billing, which is normally done by GlobalSign if you are using a standard retail partner account.

This makes EPS a perfect top tier partner (TTP) management platform built for service providers, territory partners and system integrators.  

Contact Us for A Demo

If your company fits the requirements for an EPS account and you would like a demo, contact our sales department here.  

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