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Digital Signing Resources at Your Fingertips

Digital Signing Resources at Your Fingertips

When you’re looking to bring a new product onboard for integration or adoption, the research phase for acquiring that product can get very complicated, if you want to be thorough. You’ll have to sift through all the necessary documentation and endure a lot of back-and-forth with sales representatives as they spend time gathering project specs and answering questions. This process takes time, your time to be more specific – which is finite and valuable and perhaps better spent doing your actual job. That’s why GlobalSign is excited to announce the Digital Signing Service (DSS) Resource Hub, a place where you can find all things DSS before making a final decision on a digital signing solution

One of our main goals here at GlobalSign is to help enterprises with easy adoption of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). DSS itself was one of the many outcomes, where we provide customers who do not have PKI expertise with the tools they need to be able to apply digital signatures easily, across their organizations. Now with DSS Resource Hub available, you will find it is the perfect first step to your digital signature journey.

Whether you are a developer looking for sample codes or you’re an IT administrator researching cloud-based digital signing solutions, you are covered. This Resource Hub was designed with all types of consumers in mind – from enterprise teams to service providers to app developers – providing API documentation, educational videos, and technical guides depending on what type of integration you are most interested in. As you might know, GlobalSign has partnered up with Adobe Acrobat Sign and DocuSign, two of the most sought-after document signing platforms. If you are already using Adobe Acrobat Sign or DocuSign (or are planning on it, sometime soon), we have all the necessary documentation for you to use our existing integrations  and begin applying Digital Signatures without any development efforts for you.  If you already have created your own document signing process in-house, you can find the technical information you’ll need to determine next steps for adding secure digital signatures to the workflow.

“Digital signatures are priority for most businesses now more than ever,” says Mohit Kumar, GlobalSign’s DSS Product Manager. “I am so excited to announce the launch of the DSS Resource Hub as this provides enormous value to our customers through their purchasing journey, starting from understanding what digital signatures mean to getting them implemented for their organization. All resources needed are in one place! This really compacts the awareness and consideration process time, which is otherwise time consuming.”

Whether you are a manager of a company function looking for legal and trusted digital signatures or a developer assigned with task to implement a digital signing solution for your company, start your digital signing journey as informed as you can by requesting free access to the Hub today. You’ll have a minimum of 45 days access to key documentation and content to guarantee you make the right decision for your digital signing needs. More importantly, you’ll save precious time otherwise spent sifting through possibly useless resources.

With over 9 million digital signatures issued in the first half of 2020, we’re focused on helping even more companies apply secure and trusted PKI-based digital signatures to their digital transformation toolboxes. Learn more at

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