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A digital signature is like an electronic signature and trusted digital ID combined into one. It’s the best way to sign critical paperwork like contracts and invoices, without the legwork. And with our Digital Signing Service (DSS), it’s never been easier to enable secure document signing across the enterprise.

Designed for the modern, distributed workforce, DSS is the simplest way to deploy trusted digital signatures – whether you’re adding them to existing workflows or you’re a service provider extending certificate-based digital signing capabilities to your customers.

  • Built for the cloud

    GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service (DSS) is a fully managed remote signing solution integrated with our world-class CA, Atlas – no hardware or PKI expertise needed

  • Flexible integration options

    One REST API makes it easy for you to quickly and securely build digital seals into existing software and services

  • Features you can trust

    Verify the signer’s identity, add trusted timestamps to time-sensitive documents, and protect your document’s content with each and every signature

  • End-user approved

    GlobalSign has partnered with the world’s top document signing platforms – Adobe Acrobat Sign, DocuSign, HelloSign – so you can save time by adding trusted digital signatures to already existing workflows

  • Adjustable signer identity

    Users can choose whether they want to sign in their own name or under the name of their department or organization

  • Long Term Validity (LTV)

    Supports AATL Long Term Validity (LTV) to meet archiving requirements for documents

Meet Advanced & Qualified Electronic Signature Requirements

Digital signatures by GlobalSign are legally admissible and help to meet compliance with eIDAS regulations. 

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Secure Digital Signatures for Every Business

Everyone can benefit from replacing slow paper-based workflows with secure digital signatures – from human resources to finance departments, legal teams to sales. Here are just a few examples of the industries adopting trusted digital signatures to shorten project timelines, save on costs, and automate workflows, while also ensuring document integrity and meeting compliance around electronic signatures.

  • Healthcare / Life Sciences

  • Architecture, Engineering, & Construction

  • Finance & Insurance

  • e-Government

See What Our Customers Are Saying

“The fact that GlobalSign does all the heavy-lifting for us is important. We’ve got a small development team. GlobalSign is a trusted provider with a strong global presence and history in this market”

– Michael Turner,

Associate Product Manager, IRIS Software Group

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“GlobalSign gave us the flexibility and control we needed so that we could create a seamless and efficient experience for field representatives and customers.”

– Michael Fabry,

Senior Developer/IT Manager, USAFact

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“GlobalSign’s digital signatures have been a huge success. Just the other day a partner signed a 150-page document that was immediately delivered to a client in minutes instead of days.”

– Michael Furgang

Application Services Manager, Clough Harbor & Associates LLP

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“We knew moving to an electronic workflow was our future, but the key was to find a solution that would produce legally viable documents that would also be easy for our sales agents to adopt.”

– Stuart Smith,

Senior Vice President Information Systems, Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company

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The Key to Your Digital Transformation

GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service is the first solution on the market to include all supporting cryptographic components, including the full AATL trusted certificate chain, time-stamping response, and OCSP checks, in one API call.

This means you get the assurance that signers are who they say they are – and administrators can rest easy knowing there’s minimal development needed with zero on-premises hardware to manage. Plus, it’s backed by our powerful high-volume CA, Atlas for the availability and agility today’s world demands.

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Integrations and Partnerships

GlobalSign has partnered with the world’s leading document signing services to provide trusted, digital signatures to their users.
In addition to Adobe Acrobat Sign and DocuSign, DSS is supported by iText, ILovePDF, and HelloSign.

Alternative Deployment Options Including Token and HSM

Every organization is unique which is why we’ve designed our document signing certificates and services to accommodate a range of business objectives. To stay in accordance with many regulations, digital signing certificates must be stored on FIPS-compliant hardware, such as USB tokens or HSM.


A Digital signature is a virtual identity instrument that uses Public Key Infrastructure encryption. A digital signature helps the creator of a digital document, message, or software, prevent unwanted users from tampering or impersonating him/her.

It utilizes an algorithm, between a public and private key, to encrypt information. Whenever a message is sent from the signer to the recipient, the signer uses a private key to encrypt the message and the recipient uses the signer’s public key to decrypt the message.

Read more in detail about how a digital signature works here!

An electronic signature may, in many countries, hold the same weightage as a handwritten signature. But given the rapid advancement in cybercrime, it requires a more complex form of signature.

A digital signature will provide the needed security and proof of identity through public key encryption, timestamping capabilities, and the validation from a Certificate Authority or Trust Service Provider.

  • Government

    Whether its transactions, laws, budgets, or contracts, everything is going digital. Official documents such as these have severe consequences if tampered by the wrong or unwanted people. Digital signatures help ensure that these documents are only handled by the right government officials and records the person that edited that specific version.

  • Healthcare Industry

    Data collected in the healthcare industry are often confidential information from patients and doctors. Data such as these should only be handled by authorized personnel and digital signatures help to keep track of the people who have accessed the information and encrypt the data.

    In the line of work, documentation processing speeds need to be as fast as it can be. Documents can be approved and signed much faster if they are all handled digitally rather than via hardcopy. Digital Signatures will help make this process secure and efficient.

  • Manufacturing Industry

    The manufacturing industry requires close collaboration between multiple stakeholders within and outside of business. Digital signatures help to speed up transactions between the various parties while maintaining an elevated level of security and accountability.

    From design drafts and blueprints, to invoices, even to marketing and sales materials, digital signatures can connect teams from various departments and locations to speed up approvals, transactions, and other document transfers.

  • Financial Industry

    From Banking, Wealth Management, to Insurance, documentation is often the tool that is used to manage transactions between parties. Regardless of how much each transaction is worth, security is of paramount importance. Cyber security is one of the biggest risks in the banking and FinTech space and one way to help keep online/digital transactions secure is through digital signatures.

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