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eIDAS acknowledges that not all electronic signatures are created equal. Depending on the technology and validation behind the signature, some types of signatures are inherently more trustworthy than others and withstand higher legal scrutiny. To help facilitate interoperability and acceptance across borders, the regulation created a common framework for secure electronic signatures, including standardized assurance levels.

With GlobalSign's solutions, you can create Advanced or Qualified (the highest level) Electronic Signatures and Seals.
Signatures are in the name of individuals; seals are in the name of organizations or other corporate bodies.

The difference between Advanced and Qualified Signatures

One of the most common questions that comes up in our discussions with EU customers is, “What is the difference between advanced and qualified electronic signatures?” While both advanced and qualified signatures are based on digital signature technology, each signature type offers varying levels of security and has different applications.

Not only must qualified electronic signatures meet all the requirements for advanced signatures, but they must also come with:

  • A qualified signature creation device, such as a smart card or HSM, to meet the requirements of eIDAS.
  • A qualified public key certificate issued by a Qualified Trust Service Provider, which has been audited by an accredited organization and found to address the requirements of eIDAS.

Check out our blog to learn more about the explicit differences between these types of signatures.

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Worry-free compliant signing with GlobalSign Qualified Electronic Signatures

Through GlobalSign’s streamlined token-based deployment, each signing identity is verified and issued a qualified certificate. The result is easy, high-assurance signatures that are easy for end users to apply and will keep compliance and data protection teams happy.

With GlobalSign Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) you can:

  • Apply unlimited signatures.
  • Receive a qualified signatures creation device (QSCD) to provide the most secure form of electronic signature and meet eIDAS requirements.
  • Know that your signatures are automatically trusted by Adobe and other leading programs.
  • Satisfy legal and organizational requirements since QES have the same legal effect as handwritten signatures.
  • Do business across the EU, since GlobalSign QES are recognized and accepted across all member states.

Whether you need multiple signatures for your organization, or individual signing certificates for one-off projects and immediate application, we can help!

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  • GlobalSign is a Qualified Trust Service Provider
  • Create qualified electronic signatures and seals
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