Digital Signing & Workflow Management

The future-ready document signing software your business has been waiting for


Want to see GMO Sign in action?

This on-demand webcast illustrates how GMO Sign can help your small or growing business fast-track digital transformation with electronic and digital signatures for every department.

Secure and digitize your document workflow with the all-in-one platform from the trust experts at GlobalSign.

Thoughtfully designed to facilitate simplified end-to-end approval and signing workflows, GMO Sign allows employees, partners, and customers to electronically and digitally sign and manage documents through a single user-friendly and secure platform.

Streamline processes and satisfy security requirements

Traditionally, there’s been a lack of adoption of digital signatures due to hardware concerns and the complexity of managing certificates.

With our first-of-its-kind digital signing solution, administrators can say “goodbye” to tokens and “hello” to the cloud. Beyond digital signatures, GMO Sign is a complete out-of-the-box document management system – reducing IT responsibilities and saving time.


Accelerate digitization in every department

Stop slowing down operations with multiple platforms for documentation! GMO Sign enables Accounting, Finance, Sales & HR end users to digitally sign and file important paperwork FAST.

Whether you need to meet signature compliance standards and industry regulations, or approve, track, and store documents for future reference, it’s a perfect end-to-end document workflow solution for SMBs across a range of industries.


Keep expenses down

We know not every enterprise has the same budget to put towards document signing and management. So like our other PKI and identity management solutions, GMO Sign is an affordable addition to your existing tech stack.

If you’ve got an organization of 5 or 5,000, you won’t be charged for additional users. The value to your organization is huge.


What makes GMO Sign different?

Frictionless experience

Users and administrators will be in complete agreement: document signing and management can be quick and easy. Really.

Meets signature compliance standards

GMO Sign supports nearly every type of signature – electronic signatures, AATL digital signatures, and eIDAS-compliant advanced electronic signatures – from a single user interface.

Low barrier to entry​

With a robust set of features and affordable price point, utilizing GMO Sign is the cost-effective way to make serious progress in your digital transformation.

How it Works

No add-ons, no hardware, no stress

GMO Sign is as easy for end users as it is for administrators.


More features & benefits

  • Maintain control

    Customizable signatures and workflows can be applied to internal and external document approval processes

  • Save time

    Maximize efficiency with reusable document and signing workflow templates, as well as bulk sending options

  • Protect your information

    User group and folder access management settings ensure documents are secure and in the right hands

  • Store and organize documents

    Robust search and archival functionality gives users an enhanced view into the document’s history

  • Achieve compliance

    Utilize standards-based digital signatures, timestamping, and long-term validation options to meet a wide range of legal and regulatory standards

  • Free up IT bandwidth

    GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service (DSS) handles the PKI components for digital certificate-backed signatures, so your IT team doesn't need to

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As a globally recognized Certificate Authority (CA), Trust Service Provider (TSP), and proud member of the Cloud Signature Consortium, we’ve been pioneering developments in cloud-based digital signatures for years.

Find out why 30 million+ digital signatures have been applied with GlobalSign technology.


GMO Sign is a cloud-based contract signing solution that eliminates workflow complexities. Complete the form and product specialist will contact you.

  • AATL Compatible
  • N:N Services
  • Paperless Solution
  • Customizable Workflow