Adobe CDS Certificates

Digital sign and certify PDF documents with Adobe CDS

Create certified PDF documents with Adobe CDS

Applying digital signatures to a document with an Adobe CDS digital certificate  is the electronic equivalent of adding a notarized, wet ink signature. A certified document assures the recipient that the document is authentic, comes from a verified source, and has not been tampered with. Approval signatures expedite an organization's approval procedure by capturing the electronic approvals made by individuals or departments and embedding them within the actual PDF.

As a member of both Adobe’s Certified Document Services (CDS) and Approved Trust List (AATL), GlobalSign PDF Signing Certificates are compatible with Adobe Acrobat/Reader 8.0+ (certificates from AATL-only providers are compatible with Adobe Acrobat/Reader 9.0+)

Adobe CDS Certified Signature
Adobe CDS Approval Signature

With Adobe CDS Certificates you can:

  • Certify PDFs to prove authorship, finalize contents, and secure against future tampering

  • Add customizable approval signatures, such as an image of your physical signature or an engineering seal

  • Timestamp your documents to support non-repudiation and audit trails

  • Comply with state, federal, and industry regulations regarding digital signatures, such as Title 21 CFR Part 11

  • Save time and resources over paper-based signature workflows

  • Digitally sign engineer documents using BlueBeam software

By combining a physical token and a password to protect access, GlobalSign’s PDF Signing solution delivers both security and convenience to end users. Anthony McKinney, President and CEO,
Euthymics Bioscience
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