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Trusted Digital Signatures

Digitally Sign messages, documents
and code for enhanced security

Digital Signature Solutions from GlobalSign

Digital Signatures provide authenticity and integrity to digital messages such as email, documents and code distributed via the Internet. Digital Signatures allow organizations to securely exchange data and improve electronic workflows.

To apply Digital Signatures to messages and files the organization must hold a valid Digital Certificate. Digital Certificates are issued by GlobalSign. We are a trusted Certificate Authority and we maintain one of the world's largest and most trusted Public Key Infrastructures (PKI).

Digital Signatures provide the following:


Digitally signed messages/documents/code can be used to authenticate the author or source.


Messages/documents/code altered after being digitally signed will invalidate the signature alerting the recipient to any unintended changes or abuse.


The signer of a digitally signed message/documents/code cannot at a later time deny having signed it.

GlobalSign Certificates enable Digital Signatures across many applications:

Email Messages

Signed Email

PersonalSign Certificates allow you to digitally sign and encrypt emails to protect the data in transit and only allow intended recipients to read your email messages.

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Electronic Documents

Signed PDF

Desktop or sever-based document workflows can be enhanced using PDF Signing Certificates & PersonalSign Certificates for the Microsoft Office Suite.

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Code & Applications

Signed Code

Digitally shrink-wrap your code and let end users know the download or application is legitimate. For Windows Authenticode, VBA scripts, Apple Mac OS, Adobe AIR, Java & Mozilla apps.

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The implementation of GlobalSign’s PDF Signing digital signatures has been deemed a huge success, Just the other day a partner signed a 150-page document that was immediately delivered to a client in minutes instead of days.image description Michael Furgang, Application Services Manager, CHA
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