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System integrator Avisi enables certificate-based authentication for Dutch notaries

System integrator Avisi enables certificate-based authentication for Dutch notaries

We’ve covered a number of application use cases for certificate-based authentication in a previous blog; here is another interesting example of how a Netherlands-based system integrator, Avisi, has taken this one step further by fully automating the process in partnership with GlobalSign.

The challenge

Around 1500 notary offices across the country access the Royal Notarial Association (Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie, KNB) platform on a daily basis. Due to the nature and confidentiality of the information, the KNB moved away from username and password combinations years ago and implemented certificate-based authentication to ensure maximum security and compliance.

As requirements grew, the KNB commissioned their system integrator Avisi to build a custom process to automate the provisioning of the digital certificates, directly from their platform. 

The solution

By partnering with GlobalSign, Avisi was able to automate all certificate lifecycle functions via API calls, simplifying the certificate delivery process for all notaries in the Netherlands.

Avisi built a custom self-service application to allow notaries to apply for or renew their certificates within the KNB platform, creating an incredibly convenient and smooth experience for all parties.

The results

The integration reduces the time required to apply for and use authentication certificates from several days to minutes, as the automated workflow doesn’t leave room for error.

KNB can not only enjoy the extra security layer on their platform, they also save a great deal of helpdesk time, which they can now spend on other services.

As to Avisi, they have a working model that they can reuse to help Dutch enterprises of all sizes deploy stronger authentication and security.

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