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RSA 2018 Excitement Building for GlobalSign

RSA 2018 Excitement Building for GlobalSign

It’s the end of March! Did you miss this year’s RSA Conference? No! It’s in April this year and still a few weeks away. In fact, the 2018 RSA Conference is April 16-20th in San Francisco. We’re actually quite happy about the later date as we continue to be hit by Nor’easter after Nor’easter up here in New England. Last year when the show was in February, I was on one of the last flights out of Logan Airport in Boston to get to the event before a major Nor’easter shut down all travel. Well, enough with the weather…as a New Englander, I can talk about the weather all day. Let’s talk about RSA 2018.

In just a few short weeks, 50,000 plus IT security professionals will arrive in San Francisco to see new products and learn about topics and trends that will help keep their organizations more secure. GlobalSign is finalizing our preparations and getting everything in place to have another successful show. The Certificate Authority (CA) market has never been more active than it is right now and I’m really curious and excited to talk to customer and prospects about what we are doing and to see how our competition is now positioning themselves.

From the perspective of a CA, this should be an interesting event for our market as so much has happened in the last year. In December 2017, I wrote this blog post, “2017: Year of Big Changes for Certificate Authorities.” The post highlighted many of the big events and changes for CAs throughout the year, including:

Like I said, a lot happened in 2017. And, it will be very interesting to see the “NEW” DigiCert and Comodo. With so much disruption in the CA market, I’m equally excited to talk to attendees about their thoughts. Based on the significant increase in our inbound web traffic and calls to discuss switching SSL vendors to GlobalSign, I am anticipating many conversations around this topic and we’re highly prepared to talk about how easy it is to switch to GlobalSign.

Get in the GAIM with GlobalSign!

Of course, I can’t write a blog post about RSA 2018 without including what we’re doing at this year’s event. While the SSL market has certainly been interesting for us CAs, the area that is really growing for GlobalSign is our enterprise business for our cloud-based, highly scalable Managed PKI platform. Our core advantage is our ability to automate, integrate and manage PKI for our customers. This is what our focus will be at RSA!

Get in the GAIM…

GlobalSign Cloud PKI. Automate. Integrate. Manage (GAIM!).

Make sure you come see us in the South Hall of the Moscone Center. We will be in booth #S1715 where you can see two great demos given by our highly skilled GlobalSign tech team.

One demo station will be highlighting our core enterprise PKI platform. In that demo, you will see how easy it is to automate, integrate and manage PKI for a comprehensive set of endpoints with GlobalSign. PKI is much more than web and server security with SSL. We’ll show you how you can also solve critical security pain points with digital certificates, such as user and device authentication, secure email and encryption, strong device identities for securing IoT devices, and document signing and code signing. You will also learn how to automate these deployments with Active Directory, MDM, and API integrations.

Our other demo station is focused on our new revolutionary Document Signing Service (DSS) that is really changing how you can add publicly trusted digital signatures to your document workflows and services. Why is this the new GlobalSign DSS so revolutionary? We’ve put it all in the cloud. You don’t need to be a crypto expert as we removed the complexities and past barriers. Our cloud-based service eliminates the need for expensive hardware and HSMs, additional professional services and other hidden costs. With one simple REST API integration, GlobalSign DSS simply works with your choice of document signing platforms, business applications, or other digital workflow applications. It’s that easy to add publicly trusted digital signatures that are legal binding and address key compliance requirements.

Additionally, we will announce our partnership with Adobe Sign and the Cloud Signature Consortium…more details to come.

We also like to have a little fun at RSA too. While we want you to see our demos, we also want you to have some fun with us and take home a little bit of GlobalSign as well. In the booth, we will have a “pop-a-shot” arcade style basketball hoop. Come show your basketball skills or lack thereof. We’re giving away our awesome GlobalSign T-shirts once again and new beanie hats this year.

Schedule Your Demo

Whether you are going to RSA or not, we welcome you to schedule a demo with us. Visit our RSA 2018 page today to set up your demo time. We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

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