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GlobalSign and AppViewX Collaborative Effort Streamlines Machine Identity Security

GlobalSign and AppViewX Collaborative Effort Streamlines Machine Identity Security

In today's rapidly advancing digital era, the proliferation of machines worldwide has far outpaced the human population's growth. This surge in machine identities, encompassing mobile devices, cloud services, and IoT devices, poses a formidable security challenge. To maintain the trustworthiness of these machine identities in the ever-evolving tech landscape, cutting-edge solutions are essential.

The Vital Role of Digital Certificates

Digital certificates serve as the cornerstone of machine identity security. They authenticate and control access to corporate networks, ensuring that only authorized entities can operate within them. As an organization's identity count grows, managing and safeguarding certificates at scale becomes increasingly complex, giving rise to a mass of certificate lifecycle challenges.

GlobalSign, a trusted digital identity authority, addresses the challenges of managing digital certificates at scale. These certificates, issued and managed by GlobalSign and with accredited private trust infrastructure provide security and prove the legitimacy of the identity. Through authentication methods access to corporate networks is controlled, and it guarantees that only authorized entities can operate within them. By entrusting GlobalSign with the responsibility of certificate management, organizations can enhance their machine identity security, streamline their certificate lifecycle management, and ensure the integrity of their digital ecosystems. This not only simplifies the management of a growing identity count but also safeguards against potential security threats, making GlobalSign an essential partner in the journey towards a more secure and efficient digital landscape.

Overcoming Certificate Lifecycle Challenges and Embracing Benefits of the Partnership

Efficiently managing digital certificates is a paramount concern for every enterprise. However, implementing a Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) system can often be seen as a cumbersome endeavor. Deploying and operating CLM software within enterprise environments demands substantial resources, including provisioning and coordination across various teams. This incurs not only financial costs but also consumes valuable time.

1. Enhanced Security: GlobalSign’s partnership  with AppViewX establishes a robust platform for securing machine identities, ensuring that only authorized entities can access your network. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

2. Cost Savings: The management of machine identities and certificates can be financially taxing, involving licensing fees for certificate management software and manual management resources.

3. Reduced Administrative Burden: As the number of machine identities continues to rise, the administrative workload can become overwhelming. The collaboration automates certificate issuance, renewal, and revocation, diminishing the need for manual intervention and allowing IT teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

4. Operational Efficiency: The automation and centralized management provided by this collaboration result in improved operational efficiency. This translates to faster certificate deployment, simplified compliance monitoring, and heightened visibility across the entire certificate ecosystem.

GlobalSign and AppViewX: A Dynamic Alliance

In response to a variety of pressing challenges, a solution has emerged to simplify certificate management and automation, guaranteeing the trustworthiness of machine identities. GlobalSign, a trusted and compliant Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) provider, has joined forces with AppViewX.

As the number of machines continues to soar, and the intricacies of managing machine identities intensify, the need for reliable and efficient solutions becomes paramount. The partnership between GlobalSign and AppViewX offers a compelling response to this challenge, streamlining the management and automation of PKI certificates. This collaboration not only ensures the security of machine identities but also paves the way for a more secure and interconnected digital future.

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