Free SSL Certificates for Open Source Projects

Secure your open source project with a GlobalSign SSL Certificate

GlobalSign is committed to the open source community

We love open source and we know you do too!

While we support the open source community in a number of ways one natural way for us to do so is by helping increase the adoption of SSL within.

We believe this effort will do more than help the developers and users of those projects, we believe it has the potential to encourage adoption of industry best practices in the adoption of SSL.

Today nearly all businesses use open source somewhere, as leaders we believe together we can make a difference in how SSL is deployed today.

Why Should Open Source Projects use SSL?
  • Show a commitment to your users that you are concerned with their security and privacy
  • Help developers and users on your project know they are receiving unmodified authentic software and/or source code
  • Set an example for the rest of the internet of how to best protect users
  • Must be licensed with a license approved by the Open Source Initiative

  • Project must be actively maintained

  • Order must meet all vetting requirements

  • Follow industry best practices in configuring your SSL and get an "A" when tested with the SSL Checker

  • Agree to the standard Subscriber Agreement

  • Not be a site that is also used for commercial purposes