Digital Signatures for Miami City Projects


Addressing Miami's Digital Signature Requirements

Miami development projects and plans are required to be signed and sealed, or notarized using digital signatures for submission via the eReview service.

For a list of documents that require digital signatures, please refer to the City of Miami Electronic Plan Review Information webpage.

In the electronic plan review process, a design and/or engineer professional must be able to prove their identity and the integrity of documentation submitted. In the City of Miami, this is done by using PKI-based digital signatures for signing and sealing electronically produced plan sets and other documents requiring professional signatures.

Laws and rules set by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers, Architects, and Surveyor's (FBPE) in Florida Statutes 471 and as implemented in Florida Administrative Code 61G15-23, allow the use of a digital signature for signing and sealing documents that are delivered electronically. The digital signature must come from a trusted Certificate Authority.

Miami recognizes the need for customers to conduct business electronically and GlobalSign provides persons/entities that need to electronically sign and seal plans and other documents with secure digital certificates.

GlobalSign Digital Signature Benefits
  • All signatures automatically include a third party timestamp to prove when the signature was placed and enable long-term validation, which means the signature remains valid even after the certificate expires
  • Supports customizable approval signatures and images, such as an engineer seal or your own physical signature
  • Trusted by Adobe, recipients of digitally signed PDF will automatically see trusted digital signature
  • Compatible with a variety of document platforms including PDF, Word, LibreOffice, PDF-XChange, and BlueBeam
Are you ready to Digitally Sign and Seal your City of Miami Projects?


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