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Managing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and certificates is hard. There, we said it. Using Microsoft CA to manage certificates, can take up to a third of your IT team’s time, it also comes with huge costs – many of which are hidden. Plus, you will need PKI experts internally. Are you frustrated managing certificates? You shouldn’t be, as small mistakes can lead to extensive consequences - don’t wait, automate. GlobalSign’s certificate management solution AEG can automate your full certificate lifecycle. We also provide all the PKI expertise you need so you can focus on other tasks knowing you’re in safe hands!

Three Reasons you Need to Automate with AEG:

  • 81% of companies experienced two or more certificate-related outages in the past 24 months
  • 50% don’t have enough IT personnel dedicated to their PKI
  • 71% of companies don’t know how many certificates & keys they have

(Keyfactor 2022, based on 1231 respondents)

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Why Choose GlobalSign over Microsoft CA?

You already have a license, and your organization uses Active Directory – why wouldn’t you just choose to handle your company’s PKI yourself and save on outsourcing?

Below is a comparison of the estimated costs for an organisation with 500-1,000 employees using an in-house Microsoft CA PKI to GlobalSign’s AEG solution over a five year period, data gathered in 2020:

  One-time Expenses Recurring Expenses GlobalSign AEG
Grand Totals
Software $141,383 $25,026 N/A
Infrastructure $65,216 $11,733 $19,500
Personnel $72,800 $88,300 $15,000
Other Potential Costs N/A $182,000 Up to $25,350
Total $279,299 $307,059 Up to $59,850
5 Year Total $1,814,594 $239,250

What GlobalSign can Offer you:


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    Our method of deployment leverages your Active Directory

  • Simplify certificate management, automate tedious manual processes

    Managing an in-house PKI as well as 50 other security programs can result in an overworked team and lead to mistakes. We can automate this work, freeing IT from the bulk of its PKI burdens.

  • Close security gaps in remote and hybrid work environments

    AEG is a ready-made solution for taking your organization remote. The ability to automate the enrolment of new endpoints and certificate provisioning for those endpoints allows you to onboard any employee, anytime, anywhere – saving you time and overcoming major logistical burdens.

  • Address challenges with BYOD and add new devices to your network more easily​

  • Scale PKI so it grows with your company

  • You can benefit from public trust, invest in a proven partner

    GlobalSign is a globally trusted certificate authority with over 25 years in the security industry. We are an accredited Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) in the EU. Beyond client certificates, GlobalSign can help you with: • Digital Signing • Code Signing • S/MIME • Client Authentication • SSL/TLS • Timestamping • OCSP GlobalSign’s Auto-Enrollment Gateway (AEG)

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  • Outsource PKI management to a trusted, third party CA
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by as much as 50%
  • Support mixed environments, variety of use cases, public or private trust models