Deploying S/MIME in Outlook

Fully automate S/MIME in Microsoft Outlook for Windows using Certificate Automation Manager


Deploying S/MIME with Certificate Automation Manager

If you’re not using S/MIME certificates, it’s probably because you’ve never heard of Certificate Automation Manager. Otherwise, email security certificates are a hassle to deploy, especially at scale (500+). Your IT team needs to enroll users, get the certificate to their machine, install it and configure Outlook to use it – one workstation at a time. And these certificates need to be replaced at regular intervals. This can take up to 20% of their time. Otherwise, you could rely on your employees to download, install and configure the S/MIME certificates themselves. That goes about as well as you think it would.

Certificate Automation Manager solves all of that by automating the entire S/MIME lifecycle in Windows Outlook.


S/MIME Certificates - Authenticate senders, Encrypt Email


Sign and Defend

91%* of cyberattacks start with a phishing email. And these aren’t the crude phish from the early internet, they’re well-researched to impersonate partners, vendors, or even more dangerously – your own employees, executives, and owners. It’s up to you to mitigate this, and S/MIME certificates do the job. By using cryptography to digitally sign every email, the sender is authenticatd and impersonators are caught.

*Computerworld UK

Encrypt and Secure

No matter where you do business, there’s some kind of law, regulation or compliance framework governing how you need to secure your data. S/MIME certificates facilitate the encryption of your email, allowing your organization to secure confidential data in-transit and at-rest. If you’re not using Secure Email certificates, you’re likely using a costly alternative to do effectively the same thing. And now with Certificate Automation Manager there’s no reason to keep wasting money.


If you’re not automating, do you know much money is your organization wasting?

Automate Everything

As the digital world continues to evolve, organizations are using more programs, certificates, keys and devices. Managing it all at scale requires entire teams. Automation has never been more important, especially when it can free up those teams to focus on more critical areas of business. Certificate Automation Manager doesn’t just facilitate a more secure Email system, it makes your IT and security teams more efficient. Rather than spending upwards of 20% of their time managing email certificates Certificate Automation Manager handles it for them. Eliminating the potential for human error, providing better security, and saving your organization time & resources.

The Benefits of Certificate Automation Manager

Find out why each day more organizations are choosing GlobalSign’s Certificate Automation Manager from S/MIME deployment:

  • Vastly improve organizational efficiency
  • Harden organizational Security Posture
  • Defend against phishing attacks like CEO fraud
  • Secure email data both in-transit and at-rest
  • Save money over more expensive alternatives
  • Manage certificates without regular human intervention
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Pays for itself

Best of all, you’re backed by GlobalSign, a Qualified Trust Service Provider and globally-trusted Certificate Authority (CA) for more than 25 years. PKI is what we do, Trust is what we strive for, and Certificate Automation Manager is our solution to the problem that has historically hindered email security certificates.

How Certificate Automation Manager Deploys S/MIME

Certificate Automation Manager is ideal for  automating the entire S/MIME lifecycle. It's proprietary Cross-Platform Agent (XPA) is installed once on each Windows machine, then the automation begins.

  • 1

    Set policies to enforce what employees can receive which types of certificates

  • 2

    Automatically enroll new users to receive S/MIME certificates

  • 3

    Issue distinct certificates for signing or encryption, or one for both

  • 4

    Silently install certificates on Windows machines

  • 5

    Automatically configure Outlook to recognize and use the email security certificate(s)


Tell us what you need to do and we'll tell you how Certificate Automation Manager helps you do it.

Automate PKI without running your own Microsoft CA, or replace existing resource-intensive implementations, and expand support throughout your mixed endpoint environment. Talk to GlobalSign today.

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  • Outsource PKI management to a trusted, third party CA
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by as much as 50%
  • Support mixed environments, variety of use cases, public or private trust models