White Paper:

S/MIME for Enterprise Email Security

Use the S/MIME protocol to protect against phishing attacks, email compromises & data loss

Virtual teams of internal colleagues, outside partners, and even potential clients need to collaborate effectively and securely, which requires cost-effective ways to authenticate message integrity and maintain confidentiality. Now more than ever, email is one of the biggest concerns for CISOs and heads of security. Solutions are needed to encrypt messages and data either at rest or during transmission to other parties.

This white paper highlights the use of S/MIME certificates as a solution, providing a way to maintain confidentiality and prove the integrity and origin of emails and their authors.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The risks of email spoofing, phishing, and data loss or leaks
  • The benefits of using S/MIME to mitigate those risks
  • What S/MIME is and its security benefits
  • Deployment considerations and options, including ease of use for end users, native compatibility with email clients, ability to leverage Active Directory and Group Policy, and using S/MIME for both mobile and desktop

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