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LXI Consortium Selects GlobalSign as its Device Identity Provider of Choice to Secure all LXI Compliant Devices

17 June 2019

International test and measurement standards group integrates PKI-based IoT Device Identity Platform as an integral part of its security protocol

LXI Consortium Selects GlobalSign as its Device Identity Provider of Choice to Secure all LXI compliant devices

International test and measurement standards group integrates PKI-based IoT Device Identity Platform as an integral part of its security protocol

BOSTON, Mass., June 17, 2019 -- GMO GlobalSign (, a global Certificate Authority (CA) and leading provider of identity and security solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced its appointment by LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instruments) Consortium as an approved security vendor. LXI Consortium is an open, accessible standard based upon the Ethernet that identifies specifications and solutions related to the functional test, measurement and data acquisition industries. LXI is the standard for LAN equipped instrumentation that helps reduce the time it takes to set up, configure and debug test systems.

LXI members – more than 45 global firms - manufacture highly precise testing and measurement instrumentation that connects to industrial networks and Internet cloud providers. The security of those devices and communications is an ongoing priority for LXI systems, which relies on the expertise of GlobalSign to develop security protocols based on the confidentiality of data under transport, the integrity of that data, and authenticity of the data sender and recipient, using strong, unique device identity.

“As a standards organization, selecting the right security solution was critical in maintaining our ongoing reputation of excellence and reliability,” said Steve Schink, President of the LXI Consortium. “GlobalSign worked closely with our security working group to identify our challenges, propose solutions, then implement our vision in a way that works for, and protects, our membership and customers.”

GlobalSign safeguards the certified equipment and equipment webservers of LXI members, from the manufacturing floor through end-customer deployment. This is accomplished through a device identity provisioning and management system, built on the GlobalSign IoT Identity Platform in partnership with security framework provider’s authentication services.

LXI members use in-house and/or third-party manufacturing to produce their instrumentation equipment. Unique initial device identities (IDevIDs) for each piece of instrumentation manufactured now allows LXI members to authenticate each unit and deny unvalidated devices with precise accountability. Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) revocation services allow LXI to invalidate specific devices in the event of lost or stolen equipment.

About the IoT Identity Platform

GlobalSign’s next-generation IoT Identity Platform delivers exceptional device identity security. It is flexible and scalable enough to issue and manage billions of identities for IoT devices of all types and integrates simply with developer friendly, RESTful APIs. Using PKI as the core identity mechanism, the IoT Identify Platform can serve the varied security use-cases of the IoT across all verticals, including manufacturing, agriculture, smart grid, payments, IoT gateways, healthcare, other industrial ecosystems and more.

The Platform supports the full device identity lifecycle, from initial certificate provisioning (both greenfield birth certificates during manufacturing and local, brownfield identity deployments) to certificate lifecycle management and final sunsetting, including decommissioning or transfer of ownership. Giving each device or endpoint a unique identity allows them to get authenticated when they come online and then throughout their lifetime, prove their integrity, and securely communicate with other devices, services, and users.

“Collaborating with LXI Consortium and their Security Working Group to define their security protocol and protect the LAN communication integrity of their members’ products has been rewarding,” said Nisarg Desai, Director of Product Management, IoT, GlobalSign. “The members recognize the value of security for sensitive industrial IoT settings, and by developing this security protocol, they safeguard their global membership from countless potential breaches. They are a shining example that the concept of security-by-design truly works.”

About LXI and the LXI Consortium

The LXI Consortium ( is a standard-setting organization in the Test & Measurement industry that develops, maintains, and promotes the open LXI Standard. LXI is the robust system backbone for today and tomorrow, and it lets you easily connect the system you need: big or small, local or remote. Thousands of instruments have passed LXI conformance testing, and every one of them lets you use the connection you already know. With over 50 of the top test & measurement (T&M) companies sponsoring and developing this technology, and more than 4,000 products in over 330 different product families, LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation) is the current and future standard for T&M. LXI has experienced the fastest growth of new products of any standard in the history of the test industry. View LXI Growth Charts.


Headquartered in Florida with offices in Tel Aviv, is a provider of blockchain based, advanced cryptographic identity solutions that can be used for the Internet of Things, and for general identity and access applications across different industries. All software code needed to manage the Crypto-ID is available as open source. For more information visit

About GMO GlobalSign
GlobalSign is the leading provider of trusted identity and security solutions enabling businesses, large enterprises, cloud-based service providers and IoT innovators around the world to conduct secure online communications, manage millions of verified digital identities and automate authentication and encryption. Its high-scale PKI and identity solutions support the billions of services, devices, people and things comprising the Internet of Things (IoT). The company has offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit

About GMO Cloud KK
GMO Cloud K.K. (TSE: 3788) is a full-service IT infrastructure provider focused on cloud solutions. Established as a hosting company in 1996, the company has managed servers for more than 130,000 businesses and now has 6,500 sales partners throughout Japan. In February of 2011, the company launched GMO Cloud to enhance its focus on cloud-based solutions. Since 2007, the company has also grown its GlobalSign SSL security brand through offices in Belgium, U.K., U.S., China and Singapore. For more information, visit

About GMO Internet Group
GMO Internet Group is an Internet service industry leader, developing and operating Japan’s most widely used domain, hosting & cloud, ecommerce, security, and payment solutions. The Group also includes the world’s largest online FX trading platform, as well as online advertising, Internet media, and cryptocurrency related services. GMO Internet, Inc. (TSE: 9449) is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. For more information, please visit


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