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New GlobalSign Digital Signing Service Addresses Growing Market Demand for Trusted Digital Signatures

06 June 2017

BOSTON, MA – June 6, 2017 – GMO GlobalSign (, a leading provider of identity and security solutions for the Internet of Everything (IoE), is today announcing the launch of its new market-changing Digital Signing Service that eliminates implementation barriers and lowers the cost of adding trusted digital signatures to any document workflow solution. Unlike traditional document signing products that require tokens or on-premise hardware security modules (HSMs), GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service is cloud-based, highly scalable and API-driven to seamlessly integrate with commercial and custom document workflow solutions – eliminating the need for additional security hardware and providing publicly trusted and compliant digital signatures.

“Our Digital Signing Service is a true ‘game-changer’ as we are making it very easy and cost-effective to add publicly trusted digital signatures to any document workflow solution,” said Lila Kee, Chief Product Officer, GlobalSign. “Today’s digital economy coupled with increasing regulatory compliance requirements is driving the need for more secure digital document signing and solutions that can scale to meet this growing market demand and enable efficient electronic business.”

Difference between electronic signatures and digital signatures


Electronic signatures (eSignatures) and digital signatures are not the same and this often creates confusion when evaluating document signing solutions. eSignature capabilities only provide a method for signing a document electronically. These signatures are not as regulated, any name can be signed, and it is unlikely that these signatures would hold up in a court of law.  A trusted digital signature utilizes a digital identity verified by a public Certificate Authority (CA) such as GlobalSign. By linking the signer and the exact time of signing to a document that has not been tampered with, digital signatures can be easily verified as trusted. A digital signature applied in this manner is legally admissible and regulatory compliant.

GlobalSign Digital Signing Service

GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service, built on a highly scalable cloud-based PKI platform, makes digital signatures more accessible by integrating with document workflow solutions, enabling publicly trusted digital signing and lowering barriers such as cost, maintenance, and internal expertise. GlobalSign handles the cryptographic components required for trusted, compliant digital signatures, including signing, certificate issuance, key management, timestamping, and integrations with external identity verification services, with API interfaces for seamless integrations.

Bringing together all the cryptographic components necessary to offer the most feature rich and collaborative digital signature service, the GlobalSign service offering is also the most secure with no database of private keys to compromise and no documents are ever stored, even in hashed forms.

-AATL certificates are compatible with and automatically trusted by Adobe and Microsoft Office programs
-Build trusted digital signatures into existing document workflow solutions
-Outsource cryptography and PKI to a trusted third party CA
-Meet regulatory compliance around e-signatures
-Easy integration via APIs and high throughput scale to meet signature demand
-Timestamp documents to support time-sensitive transactions, audit trails, and non-repudiation

Implementing digital signatures with GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service

Being a cloud-based API-driven solution, the GlobalSign Digital Signing Service can be integrated with any electronic document workflow solution. Companies with existing document workflow solutions, custom or commercial, can implement the GlobalSign Digital Signing Service. Additionally, GlobalSign is actively partnering with document workflow solution providers that are interested in adding digital signing capabilities to their solutions. Current partners include Odyssey, Ascertia and Pitney Bowes.

“We had a need to add digital signatures trusted in multiple jurisdictions to our solutions and chose to partner with GlobalSign,” said Robert Raja, Chief Executive Officer, Odyssey. “As an API-based service, the GlobalSign Digital Signing Service was straightforward to integrate with our solution and provided an easy way to offer trusted digital signatures to our users to address their signing needs at scale and across geographies.”

GlobalSign’s comprehensive digital signing offerings

GlobalSign offers a wider range of digital signature technology options, from desktop to the cloud and throughout the enterprise, enabling businesses of all sizes to optimize document workflows and meet compliance. To find the best digital signing solution for your specific business application or to discuss partnership opportunities, contact GlobalSign today:

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