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GlobalSign: 2018 Year in Review

10 December 2018

BOSTON, Mass., December 10, 2018 – For GMO GlobalSign (, a global Certificate Authority (CA) and leading provider of identity and security solutions for the IoT, 2018 was a year of expansion. This includes new partnerships, integrations as well as expanded capabilities in Europe. In addition, GlobalSign’s IoT group launched new products and programs, and also experienced significant ramp-up and growth. Some key developments include:

New partnerships and milestones:

  • Adobe/Cloud Consortium –GlobalSign announced the company joined the Cloud Signature Consortium and Adobe Cloud Signature Partner Program. Under both agreements, GlobalSign is the first global scale Certificate Authority to join both programs, enabling organizations using Adobe Sign to seamlessly create trusted and compliant digital signatures. The cloud-based service handles all cryptographic components needed to deploy digital signatures.
  • Digital Signing Service Growth – GlobalSign’s Digital Signing Service continues to gain momentum in a broad array of industries. In 2018 sales and inquiries increased more than 400 percent across the globe. The forecast for 2019 is a continued path towards growth as reliance on ‘wet signatures’ fade away and the use of digital signatures expands.
  • QTSP Recognition - In October, GlobalSign was named a recognized Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) under European law (eIDAS). By doing so, GlobalSign has become one of the first global CA’s to issue qualified certificates for electronic signatures and seals. Qualified electronic signatures and seals have the same legal effect as handwritten signatures and fortifies the integrity and origin of the document. These qualified certificates must be recognized and accepted across all member states of the European Union.
  • Gartner Recognition – GlobalSign was included in Gartner’s October 2018 report, “The Resurgence of PKI in Certificate Management, the IoT and DevOps”. According to the report, “Gartner sees an increasing number of organizations that now rely on third parties to manage their PKI.”  In addition, the report explains how, “in comparison with the often-complicated deployment of traditional on-premises PKIs, the vendors are now working to lower the friction of setting up a PKI.”
  • New Global Channel Partner Program – GlobalSign kicked off a new worldwide channel partner program in November. It enables resellers, value-added resellers and system integrators to deliver scalable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions to their enterprise customers, while also allowing standard resellers and hosting companies to deliver identity and encryption products to their customers. Whether it is in Europe, North America, Latin America or in other regions worldwide, there is a large untapped opportunity for partners to provide digital transformation solutions. Our new global partner program makes this possible.

GlobalSign’s IoT developments in 2018 included:

  • Arm Integration – In April, GlobalSign announced that its cloud-based, highly scalable PKI solution was integrated with the Arm® Mbed™ Cloud platform. The integration enables any third-party developer using Arm’s Mbed Cloud to quickly automate the issuance of digital certificates from GlobalSign, along with certificate management services. The integration also ensures that every Mbed supported device can now have a unique device certificate from a trusted third party such as GlobalSign. The company has built a class leading, managed PKI platform to address the next generation certificate needs of the IoT.
  • IoT Identity Platform Launch – GlobalSign announced the launch of its IoT Identity Platform in June. This next-generation offering is a set of products and services flexible and scalable enough to issue and manage billions of identities for IoT devices of all types. The PKI-based platform provides each device or endpoint a unique identity, which allows them to be authenticated when they come online, and then throughout their lifetime, prove their integrity, and securely communicate with other devices, services and users.
  • Longview Intrinsic ID Integration – In October GlobalSign announced a partnership with Longview IoT and Intrinsic ID. Each Longview IoT device includes two security certificates provided by GlobalSign’s IoT Identity Platform and are automatically provisioned by GlobalSign’s IoT Edge Enroll solution. This protects both the device in the supply chain, as well as the data transmitted on its LPWAN network -- truly enabling a secure, connected ecosystem with a Strong Device Identity for every one of Longview’s IoT devices.
  • Wi-SUN Alliance – Last year, the Wi-SUN Alliance announced its selection of GlobalSign to provide CA services to its members. As the appointed CA, GlobalSign is able to support any member participating in the group’s just-launched Field Area Network (FAN) Certification Program, which will certify devices for use by utilities, city developers and other service providers to simplify and support large-scale, outdoor networks for smart cities, smart utilities and other IoT rollouts.

“2018 brought many exciting developments to GlobalSign and we’re now looking ahead to next year,” said Lila Kee, General Manager of Americas, Operations and Chief Product Officer for GlobalSign. “We expect to make several announcements around a number of key integrations, as well as technology developments. In addition, there are many exciting projects in the pipeline where we will leverage our 20-year history as a leading, trusted Certificate Authority, to serve increasing opportunities in IoT, digital signing and more.”

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