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GlobalSign Webinar - Real-Life Remote Work & Security Challenges – Solved

04 February 2021

There’s no question security must be a top priority for every business in 2021. Over the last year we learned many things about our resilience and ability to adapt. We also learned that cyber criminals will exploit any vulnerability for their gain and that any data breach can be devastating.

Saying it is one thing. Actually equipping your organization with the tools it needs to prepare for large-scale digitization while laying a strong security foundation that will serve long into the future is another altogether.

Hosts John Murray (VP Sales, Americas) and Sebastian Schulz (Regional Product Manager, EMEA) break down the security challenges facing real-life mid-size enterprises right now: How do you create a remote work environment for an organization of thousands? How do you secure the network, giving users digital credentials for proper authentication to systems and applications? How can you move internal processes securely to the cloud and transform your business quickly to adapt to the new normal?

In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll talk about how these real-world challenges can be addressed with the Swiss Army knife of security that is public key infrastructure (PKI), as well as:

- The impact that manual, unwieldy IT processes can have on every department in the organization – and how the switch to a more efficient solution can help you reach your business goals, faster
- Why automation is playing an increasingly important role in the IT team’s ability to tackle complex technical processes
- Ways you can keep IT agile and prepare for more change as we continue to reckon with the pandemic and experience a global push towards digital transformation
- How GlobalSign’s Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG) can help you protect nearly every endpoint on your network, including mobile devices, internal servers, email, and more

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