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Recognizing Opportunity in the Face of Challenge: How Channel Partners Can Thrive in Difficult Times

Recognizing Opportunity in the Face of Challenge: How Channel Partners Can Thrive in Difficult Times

So many businesses during these Covid-19 pandemic-days are having to do the difficult and quick work of reinventing themselves and how they work – establishing a more diverse product, services and solutions mix, just to keep the doors open, employees at work and customers satisfied and loyal.

A mid-1980’s movie, “Finnegan, Begin Again,” depicts the human side of new beginnings, where a tired, aging journalist, bouncing from job to job, lands his last position as a writer for a column for the lovelorn. The movie is a depiction of the human condition regarding life changes, in that we all – every day, week, year or generation – must “begin again.” Life gives you lemons sometimes, so be prepared to make that lemonade, build a lemonade stand and sell!

In a recent article from Channel Futures, “Should You Move From MSP to MSSP?,” the writer explores the question (and a webinar on the topic) of whether to transform a managed services practice into one with cybersecurity. While the answer isn’t clear-cut, since all businesses and business models and plans are different, it’s the act of considering this possibility, effectively changing the boxed-in business model, that is worth exploring for every type of channel and service provider.

And there are also those businesses who have gone above and beyond during the pandemic to keep customers connected. Back in March, in the United States, FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, called on service providers to keep the country connected:

“In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the challenges that many Americans have faced, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced the Keep Americans Connected Initiative on March 13, 2020.: The response from service providers across the nation was resoundingly positive. More than 800 service providers took the pledge.”

Whether you are an Enterprise Solutions partner, Service Provider, System Integrator, or Value Added Reseller, you might be thinking of how to “begin again” in this strange new world. At the very least, you must find a way to reinvent your business model to adapt to a customer base that is now, largely, working from home and relying on digital connections to keep things running. The challenges of cybersecurity are paramount now more than ever before. Your customers in every industry are looking to you for increased support for their essential remote workforce: from manufacturing, service businesses, federal, state and local government, healthcare – even first-responders and the like. 

Our 25 years of experience in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has prepared us for this increased interest in endpoint security and enterprise IT infrastructure. Our products and services span a wide range of use cases including email security and identity, machine identity, authentication, digital document signing and automated management and distribution of digital certificates. 

At GlobalSign, we are working closer than ever before with our diverse mix of partners – from technology innovators, to Value Added Resellers, up to some of the largest of Enterprise Solutions Partners. More than ever, we’re collaborating with our partner network to develop new ideas for expanding services, sometimes creating updated offerings and even co-producing promotional efforts like virtual events, webinar series, and podcasts.

To that end, we are pleased to introduce our new GlobalSign Partner Microsite, to promote and advance these new opportunities to partners looking to “reinvent” their businesses. The GlobalSign Partner Microsite is designed for easy dissemination of information about becoming a partner, services and solutions available to you and your customers, and the benefits they offer.

The microsite’s elegant yet simple design allows you to get to the heart of your exploration of a new business model and needs. You’ll see:  

  • What a collaborative relationship with one of the world’s most trusted Certificate Authorities looks like
  • The tools and resources you can access to provide the best value possible for your customers and to create a safer, more secure digital world
  • Partner models that can be customized to fit all business types, offering tight alignment with GlobalSign and enabling you to be an extension of the company as you deliver industry leading digital certificates to your market

The microsite then takes you on a journey of your choosing, with the ability to explore the type of partnership that most closely aligns with your current or future business model, including:

  • Enterprise Solutions Partner Program — designed specifically for System Integrators, Managed Service Providers, Value Added Resellers, Consultants, Software Houses, and Buying Houses looking to add IT and cybersecurity tools to their existing portfolios.
  • Certified Regional Partner Program — designed to help you bring management and security solutions to your local region by integrating GlobalSign's range of Managed PKI solutions.
  • Service Provider Program — making it easy for today's leading­edge Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) providers to seamlessly integrate cloud-based certificate lifecycle management and PKI solutions with any platform or application.
  • Reseller Partner Program — for partners hoping to sell and manage GlobalSign digital certificates, generating new revenue streams through an exploding cybersecurity market and expanding your portfolio with fantastic margins.
  • Technology Alliances — where we collaborate with well­known and best-in-class technology vendors to deliver competitive, enterprise-ready solutions.
  • loT Partner Program — GlobalSign is proud to team up with today's most esteemed loT innovators looking to protect internet security and device endpoints.

The new GlobalSign Partner Microsite is your gateway to expanding your services and solutions, with ready access to exciting benefits, such as our exclusive partner training academy and soon-to-be-launched Partner Portal; integration; a dedicated channel account manager; deal registration opportunities; a plethora of lead generation and marketing tools, skills and templates; plus Not-for-Resale (NFR) solutions.

We invite you to take this journey with GlobalSign, explore the microsite and register for more information on how we can reinvent together how business gets done. 


GlobalSign Partner Microsite 

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