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7 Best Privacy Tools for CPRA Compliance in 2022

7 Best Privacy Tools for CPRA Compliance in 2022

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) will soon repeal and replace the existing California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Like most data regulations, it may have been enacted in California, but its scope will reach beyond California's borders. Hence, compliance is more than just a legal obligation for organizations that consider the sanctity of their users' data privacy a premier responsibility. This responsibility will primarily fall on enterprises that retain, share, and sell the personal data of California residents, wherever they might be based.

Like the CCPA, the CPRA will continue to give Californians control over their personal information collected by businesses, including the right to access their data, opt out of its sale to third parties, and seek its erasure. This right will extend to a newly created data category, "sensitive personal information".

A new enforcement agency titled the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) will be created to oversee the application of the CPRA. The CPPA will have four fundamental responsibilities concerning the CPRA: education, rulemaking, enforcement, and certifications. With an annual budget of $10 million, the CCPA will be tasked to aid organizations in their efforts to comply with the obligations laid down by the CPRA.

So, here are some of the top CPRA compliance tools that can make the journey towards CPRA compliance comprehensively easier for organizations.

Best CPRA Compliance Software in 2022

To ensure compliance, you can employ a compliance software or a combination of compliance software. Let's look at the best CPRA compliance software and why your organization needs them.

1. Securiti

Securiti is a renowned name and a pioneer in the compliance industry. Securiti's CPRA compliance platform assists you in developing a complete compliance plan, implementing suitable data security measures, and demonstrating that those controls comply with the CPRA.

Through AI-driven PI data discovery, DSR automation, documented accountability, better visibility into data processing operations, and AI-driven process automation, it helps enterprises achieve CPRA compliance requirements. The tool also helps you quickly discover where CPRA-regulated data is stored, who has access to it, and how it is used in your IT infrastructure.

Additionally, organizations can monitor suspicious activity around them to ensure that no consumer information is overexposed or misused. They can also respond quickly to data subject access requests and pass CPRA compliance audits.

With thousands of satisfied businesses and mega-corporations, the company is gradually paving the way for exceptional compliance standards in the industry while giving tough times to others in the market.

Securiti has recently built a CPRA assessment tool that evaluates your website and sees how compliant your current practices are. This assessment highlights any deficiencies in your practices & aid in your CPRA compliance efforts, you may check here to see how CPRA compliant your organization is.

2. OneTrust

OneTrust is another commonly used and among the fastest-growing technology platforms for helping enterprises build trust and operationalize privacy, security, data governance, and compliance initiatives.

It is used by thousands of customers, including half of the Fortune 500 enterprises, to create integrated programs compliant with the CPRA and several other privacy and security legislation worldwide. The platform is driven by the OneTrust AthenaTM AI and robotic automation engine, supported by 130 patents.

The company has a free trial version and provides customized solutions to meet your CPRA compliance needs. Head over to their pricing for additional details.


The TRUENDO Consent Management Platform (CMP) is a web-based consent management system that is highly automated, customizable, and dependable.

It enables businesses to easily manage personal data collected on their website using cookies, pixels, and scripts. Its control interface enables website administrators to demonstrate compliance with data protection standards worldwide in minutes (GDPR, ePrivacy, CPRA, etc.)

With a starting price of $6/month, this is the most useful CPRA compliance software available. Although there’s a free trial, the starting price of small, medium and large packages is pre-installed, and custom solutions for businesses and complex business cases can be created on-demand.

4. Termly

Termly's compliance solutions, which thousands of enterprises trust, can assist you in staying current and compliant in an ever-changing privacy ecosystem like the GDPR, CPRA, ePrivacy Regulation, and others. Termly’s cutting-edge software creates policies tailored to your company's specific needs, enabling you to comply with data privacy laws.

The Termly PRO+ plan costs $15/month. It also offers a free plan, but with limited features.


With CYTRIO, businesses can discover and correlate PI data across cloud and on-premises data repositories via client identification. Additionally, businesses can build client trust by orchestrating data subject access requests (DSAR).

Interestingly, customers can exercise their data privacy rights with a secure, personalized privacy site. The platform offers easy-to-understand automated workflows for teams, such as data privacy, security, etc. With an entire DSAR lifecycle history, businesses/data controllers can fulfill their duties efficiently.

The basic plan starts at $499/month. Free trial available.

6. Osano

Osano is a user-friendly data privacy tool that helps your website comply with legislation like CPRA. Osano keeps you out of trouble by keeping track of all of the vendors you share data with so you don't have to.

The basic plan starts at $99.99/month, while the customizable enterprise plan starts at $549/month.

7. Clarip

In today's world of rising regulation, the comprehensive data privacy solution was created to address enterprises' data privacy concerns. Clarip's data privacy management platform is aimed at firms of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to internet startups concerned about GDPR and CPRA compliance. The tool provides data mapping and flows, personal data discovery, privacy program evaluation, consent management tools, and internet scanning/cookie management, among other services.

Final Verdict

Operating a business necessitates adherence to a wide range of laws, rules, and service provider norms. Trying to follow all of these rules on your own is a headache and a risk.

Although software that can help businesses comply with the CPRA is highlighted in this blog, there are additional benefits of software that allow businesses to address additional CPRA requirements such as automating PI data linking, enabling opt-out mechanisms, monitoring, and tracking consent, mapping data flows, fulfilling CPRA ‘Do Not Sell or Share’ requests and much more.

Request a demo to witness how these tools discover large datasets of structured and unstructured data, improves security capabilities, prevents unwanted access to sensitive information, and automates compliance.

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