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How to Prevent a Data Breach With Cloud-Based Managed PKI

How to Prevent a Data Breach With Cloud-Based Managed PKI

We are seeing more and more companies transition to cloud-based solutions in an effort to streamline their businesses. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 60% of enterprise data will be stored in the cloud by 2022. However, there are still security challenges associated with storing data in the cloud. With this surge in businesses transitioning their software to the cloud, comes a sudden and stark increase in cyber risks. 

To ensure data is safe and secure, companies can use a cloud-based managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system to protect data from data breaches. Here we will take a look at how utilizing a cloud-based managed PKI can help prevent these costly data breaches and keep you and your data safe and sound.

What is Managed PKI?

Managed PKI is a security protocol that makes sure data sent or stored is encrypted. Using cloud-based PKI ensures increased security for your data in the cloud. Managed PKI offers data encryption and data signing capabilities, which makes data unreadable to any third parties or intruders. The data can be decrypted only by the recipient who has a private key associated with the data. This ensures data is secure and protected from data breaches.

How Does it Work?

Managed PKI works by issuing digital certificates to authorized entities that allow data to be stored securely in the cloud. A certificate authority (CA) verifies each user’s identity before issuing a certificate. Certificates are then used by clients when they send data to be encrypted or signed, which helps protect the data from being tampered with or stolen. The CA also regularly checks for expired certificates, revoked certificates, and other signs of tampering.

Why Choose Managed PKI?

Managed PKI provides data encryption and data signing capabilities, allowing data to be stored securely in the cloud. It also offers flexibility, scalability, and cost savings since all data is managed in one centralized system. This makes it easier for businesses to maintain their data security and manage costs associated with data breaches. Additionally, it can help meet compliance requirements set forth by industry regulations such as HIPAA or PCI DSS.

How Does it Prevent Data Breaches?

Let's take a look at the steps PKI takes to ensure that data breaches become a thing of the past:

  • Data encryption

Data is encrypted before it is sent over the network so that intruders cannot intercept and access sensitive data.

  • Authentication

Users must be authenticated with a digital certificate before they can access data.

  • Integrity checks

Data integrity is checked regularly by comparing data stored in one database to another.

  • Data signing

Data is digitally signed using a private key, allowing the recipient to verify that data has not been tampered with or altered during transmission.

How GlobalSign Can Keep You Protected

Data breaches can be disastrous for any business and should be prevented at all costs. Cloud-based managed PKI is one way to prevent these costly data breaches. 

GlobalSign's cloud-based managed PKI solution provides secure data storage and secure data transmissions for your business. By using a cloud-based managed PKI from GlobalSign, businesses can protect their data from data breaches and ensure data is always kept safe and secure. So reach out today and keep your business protected with GlobalSign's Cloud-Based Managed PKI.

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