Cloud Authentication

Access control for cloud services such as Salesforce & SharePoint

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Add Another Layer of Security to Cloud Services

The shift to cloud services comes with additional security considerations that two-factor authentication using digital certificates can address. As recent highly-publicized breaches indicate, organizations can no longer rely on passwords alone to protect sensitive data and resources stored in the cloud. Using Digital Certificates deployed via GlobalSign's Managed PKI solution as a second authentication factor provides much greater control over which users and devices have access.

Benefits of GlobalSign's Cloud Authentication Solution

  • Provides additional layer of security - stronger than passwords alone
  • Minimal involvement required from the end user after certificate is installed
  • No tokens or other additional hardware needed
  • Certificates easily managed in GlobalSign's Managed PKI platform - issue, renew, and revoke from one portal
  • Same certificate can be installed across multiple devices (e.g., laptops, tablets, smartphones)
  • Cost-effective and easily scaled to meet high volume needs