Machine & Server Authentication

Network identity and access control

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Prevent Malicious or Rogue Machines from Accessing Corporate Networks

Just as organizations need to control which individual users have access to corporate networks and resources, they also need to be able to identify and control which machines and servers have access. Implementing certificate-based authentication means only machines with the appropriate credentials can access, communicate, and operate on corporate networks.

GlobalSign's Auto Enrollment Gateway offers organizations an easy and cost-effective way to deploy and manage Digital Certificates for machine and server authentication.

Serving as a connector between an organization's Windows environment and GlobalSign's Issuing CA, enterprises can leverage the registry information stored in Active Directory to automatically issue template-based and optionally configured certificates to all machines and servers residing within a single domain or multiple domains in a single or multiple forest configuration.

Benefits of GlobalSign's Machine Authentication Solution

  • Prevent rogue machines from accessing corporate networks and resources
  • Identify which machines and servers have access to various networks
  • Allow mutual authentication between machines
  • Cost-effective and scalable for organizations of all sizes
  • Active Directory integration allows for automatic enrollment and issuance of certificates