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IoT News Wrap-Up - December 2016

IoT News Wrap-Up - December 2016

This year was a record breaking year in regards to the number of attacks on internet-connected devices and as the year comes to an end and we look into our crystal ball for 2017, we can pretty much count on the number of IoT hacks in 2017 to increase dramatically.

In this month’s IoT News Wrap-up we point out a few IoT-related stories that popped up in the last month of 2016.

Reflections on the Biggest Threats of 2016

Reflections on the biggest threats of 2016

Softchoice interviewed top leaders in IT security to get their latest advice and published these insights in “The Ultimate Security Guide”. One overall theme that emerged is that it’s time to think differently about security. This article highlights some key findings in the guide related to IoT. 

Chances Are You Are Getting an Internet-Connected Device for the Holiday. Here Is How to Avoid Being Hacked

 Chances are you are getting an Internet-connected device for the holiday. Here is how to avoid being hacked 

How can you avoid having your new IoT devices hacked this holiday season? A little research goes a long way. This article is worth a read, and the tips are useful for any time of the year. 

Two Hackers behind the Mirai Botnet Attack Come Forward

Two hackers behind the Mirai botnet attack come forward

Just over a month after the attack, two hackers claim to have not only modified the Mirai malware to make it more powerful, but to have found a way to add a new generation of IoT devices to its growing botnet. Ryan Matthew Pierson at Read Write Web talks about the virtual turf war being waged between hacker factions to see who can gain and maintain control over infected IoT devices.  

The US Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity Has Identified 16 Key Recommendations on Security 

The US Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity has identified 16 key recommendations on security

In a 100-page report, a White House commission on improving cybersecurity has come up with a list of recommendations for US president-elect Donald Trump’s administration. The goal outlines states that by 2021 there should no longer be major breaches in which identity – passwords – is the primary vector of the attack.

You can read our response to the report here.

DéJà Vu? The Ukraine Experiences Another December Time Power Outage Due to a Hack

The Ukraine experiences another December time power outage due to a hack

A cyber attack is suspected in connection with an outage of the Ukrainian power grid that affected homes around Kiev.

The power outage lasted for over an hour in the early morning of December 17. Ukrenergo, a Ukrainian energy provider, said that “hacker attack and equipment failure are among the possible causes for the power failures”, according to local reports.

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