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Don’t Forget Security: The Most Critical Tips for Application Development Companies

Don’t Forget Security: The Most Critical Tips for Application Development Companies

Application development companies hoping to make a name for themselves always do their research and study every possible sector – whether building business solutions or designing apps with the fun lover in mind. But no matter the project, there’s always one thing that always must be addressed first: Cyber security. This means creating applications that don’t put the consumer in any danger.

While no easy task, there are a few steps that app development companies can take up front to make the process easier.

Testing Software

Mobile app development companies must be willing to test (and re-test) any and all software being used. This is one of the most pivotal steps in the development process and it cannot be skipped for any reason! With thousands of new applications produced on a daily basis, companies must never lose sight of testing. After all, what good is an unsecured app if competitors are beating you to the marketplace?

Don't worry about the competition. Take the time to test.

The Right API Security Strategy

This is yet another step that cannot be overlooked. Mobile app development and APIs remain closely intertwined. To properly secure a mobile app, the API must be secured as well. APIs are responsible for controlling the flow of data between a number of different parties. If not secured, companies are setting themselves up for a world of hurt. APIs are a primary conduit and must be treated as such.

Remain Mindful of Consumer Data

Mobile apps require a different form of storage than typical web-based apps – simply because there’s far more data and code to consider. The greater amount of data being stored, the more vulnerable the device becomes.

Mobile app developers must create solutions designed to help consumers avoid any unnecessary vulnerabilities. Tactics that have worked well in the past for web-based application security just can’t be re-used for mobile applications. Security solutions must be designed for the mobile world.

Putting Correct Measures in Place

As any experienced app developer can tell you, security must be in place BEFORE an app is released to the general public. This also means the right authentication processes should be established prior to consumer access.

Further, businesses should never allow inexperienced developers to manage this process. Authorization technology has come a long way and equipping an app with the right identification and authentication tools are difficult. It’s what separates top notch apps from those that end up dying on the vine.

Take Time to Secure Back-End Network Connections

The application’s APIs need to access cloud servers. These servers may be yours - or belong to a third party. But without the proper back-end security on these connections, a user is placed at risk.

Inadequate security that doesn’t prevent unauthorized user access is a huge mistake, and can lead to a free-for-all - allowing anyone to launch an attack from anywhere. Sensitive information passed back and forth on databases must be protected with the right security measures at all times.

Start From the Ground-Up

Security never stops - and developers must consider this reality all the time. If not made a top priority from the beginning, poor security can cause irreversible damage.

Preventive medicine is the key. A sizable percentage of vulnerabilities occur in the source code. Unfortunately, businesses are not always willing to focus spending accordingly. Developer errors are more likely to take place when firms and businesses do not come together and place the proper level of importance on the early steps of the process.

Moving Forward

To be successful, application development companies must always keep an eye on security. Study it, learn it, work on it – and make this a key part of your process. Failure to do so could cost you…

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About the Author:

Harnil Oza is the CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, a leading app development company with offices in New York USA and India.

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