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Considerations When Building a Digital Workspace for Your Organization

Considerations When Building a Digital Workspace for Your Organization

The need for digital systems and technologies within the workplace has skyrocketed, thanks to an increased demand for a diverse, global workforce, as well as the availability of  established international PEO (Professional Employment Organization) services that offer reliable remote hiring solutions. Businesses that have integrated state-of-the-art online technologies can offer more flexible work arrangements, which gives them an edge over competitors when it comes to attracting the best talents. They also work smarter and more proficiently, allowing them to accomplish more despite being distributed over many time zones and geographic locations.

One way companies are transforming their operations is by utilizing a digital workspace, or central point that hosts all of your most valuable programs and data. Around 95% of companies believe that a digital workspace is indispensable. As the demand for remote work continues to increase, more and more companies are choosing to integrate digital workspace tools into their digital marketing strategy. Read on to know more about a digital workspace and some of the benefits it might offer your business.

What is a Digital Workspace?

A digital workspace, sometimes referred to as a virtual workspace or digital workplace, is an online version of the physical workplace. The term has actually been around since 1993, according to Hackernoon, and had risen into prominence even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Generally, it’s defined as a single place where all the most important business information, applications, and processes are powerfully integrated. Built with integration and collaboration in mind, a digital workspace provides a central point for workers to get all the business tools they need to carry out their duties wherever they are and from any device. It offers a continuous flow of information that takes the flexibility of employees to a whole new level and therefore increases their overall productivity. 

What Should a Good Digital Workspace Do?

  • Allow remote workers to take part in work discussions without a hitch
  • Integrate with existing applications and solutions to save time that would otherwise be wasted in toggling between applications
  • Allow workers to upload and incorporate all kinds of data
  • Provide users with mobile access, enabling employees to keep track of what’s happening within the online work environment while they are outdoors or traveling.


Why Would You Build a Digital Workspace for Your Organization?

1. Facilitates Remote Working
By putting all the company information, technologies, and applications within a single platform, digital workspace makes remote working possible. During this COVID-19 era, remote working has become the new normal. Businesses that have embraced robust digital workspace practices will see an uptick in employee satisfaction and productivity. Companies will also be able to utilize international PEO and other worldwide staffing services to look for the best talents to add to their pool of remote workers.
2. Builds a More Collaborative Culture in Your Business
By giving your staff easy access to all the applications that they need to participate in workplace conversations and coordinate with their colleagues, you can establish an amazing collaborative culture in your company. Intelligent and dependable communication technologies also reduce meeting times and provide your employees with more opportunities for innovation and ideation.
3. Minimizes Costs
By allowing employees to work in an online – versus physical office – space, a digital workplace is one of the most cost-effective solutions for any business. Without the overhead associated with running a physical office environment, companies are finding themselves left with lots of free capital to put towards other initiatives. For instance, you could take your business to another market or launch a new product or service.
4. Promotes Workforce Unity
It fosters unity in the work environment by allowing your staff to monitor the progress of any task or project easily and effortlessly. That kind of transparent workplace significantly lowers follow-ups and emails among workers. When employees are moving at the same pace and in the same direction, they can concentrate more on the goals and visions of your company.
5. Offers an Excellent Customer Experience
With a collaborative, competent, and highly productive staff, your customers can enjoy the best of the talents and solutions offered by your business. This results in unparalleled customer experience and happy customers.


Other Things to Consider When Going Digital

While business owners think of digitalizing their business, one thing they must keep in mind is the security and the threat from cyber attacks. Often the focus is on making the transition to digital easy for clients and employees but it’s important to remember that once you go online, you increase your chances of being hacked. 

The main security issues that come with having a digital workplace:

  • Data privacy and data breaches
  • Increased incidents of ransomware attacks
  • Human error and negligence that leads to exposure
  • Issues with BYOD policies
  • Frequent phishing emails

In that context, here are a few tips concerning security to keep in mind for future business planning:



A digital workplace focuses on establishing a better online work environment, making it easy for distributed employees to access technologies and systems that will advance your organizational goals and preferred culture. Businesses that are yet to implement digital workspace strategies aren’t utilizing the full potential of the online marketplace.

Note: This blog article was written by a guest contributor for the purpose of offering a wider variety of content for our readers. The opinions expressed in this guest author article are solely those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect those of GlobalSign.

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