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Helping Customers Boost Conversions with SSL

Helping Customers Boost Conversions with SSL

When we talk about SSL, the first thing that comes to mind is security and quite rightly so, but there is another significant benefit to using SSL which is sometimes overlooked: improving customer trust, and therefore boosting conversions.  Our partner Unbounce understood this early on and make a great study on how SSL can help website builders and other online marketing companies enhance the value of their portfolio.


As we explained in a previous article, Google announced last year the use of HTTPS as a ranking signal, which has prompted a number of online marketing and Search Engine Optimization companies to promote SSL adoption within their customer base.

Unbounce helps thousands of customers build, publish and test landing pages without relying on technical teams.  With a focus on maximizing conversions and creating a simplified customer experience, providing SSL quickly became a key requirement for Unbounce and the missing piece to their powerful product portfolio.


The Technical Bit – Deploying SSL by Default

With such a large range of customers, deploying SSL generally brings up several technical considerations.  Unbounce chose GlobalSign for its automation technologies, which have been popular with resellers across industries for one simple reason – they take the headache out of security.

Unbounce took advantage of GlobalSign’s SSL solutions for service providers, which are designed for speed and automation. Certificates are applied for, issued and installed within minutes, eliminating the requirement for any cryptographic knowledge and technical support.  Unbounce can bundle SSL Certificates with all of their products and the process is seamless and transparent for its customers.


Customer Satisfaction

Online businesses know this all too well: As the number of online threats and phishing attacks grow year on year, so does customer mistrust.  98% of users check for security indicators when they visit a website, even more so before giving out personal information, or carrying out a transaction.

 By displaying HTTPS and the security padlock by default, Unbounce customers are ahead of their competition in building customer confidence and enhancing their landing page performance, which is exactly what Unbounce sets out to achieve for them.

 If you are an online marketing company looking to differentiate your portfolio and to help your customers get results, SSL is the way to go. The even better news… We have a number of partnership models and technologies available that can help you offer SSL to your customers, learn more.

 And if you are a business with a website in need of a boost, talk to us too! 

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